is the sky up or down?

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    The last time i looked, it was up.

    It's all around and up and down.

    In science Gravity holds you up side down on this Earth. So when you look up your really up side down but if you stand on your head and look up to the sky your right side up. The Earth being the Focus point.


    And you got this from Alice in Wonderland?

    What is the deff of brain died.?

    right.Under stood.Thanks .

    Can you come up with a better question? Try hard.

    country bumpkin

    Why is the sky blue? Is this better? LOL

    You're lucky I can only cyber slap you.

    We need to get real smilies so you can stop using that twisted up one you created, lol

    I have a friend who had a panic attack when she was driving by the ocean. She was lost in thought and the sky and the ocean were the same color. She didn't know which was which.

    In Florida there's a stretch of road with water on both sides. I hear this phenomenon is usual. People don't know up from down. My husband says it's Alligator Alley. I think he's incorrect.

    Now me? I don't have to be by the ocean to know up from down.  I just spin around and it doesn't matter. 


    ok ... Hubby said it's the 7 mile bridge and you're way up in the air.

    Boring go play with you're two friends.""



    heh heh! Heh! Heh heh!
    These guys will make me laugh even when I'm 90.

    Come on are so much funnier than this. You are cute in fact... don't freak... it's a compliment...I give those a lot.

    See! rather than talking it is up or down, think it rationally & say that it is in "space."


    It depends on the weather...What is fog but clouds on the ground...?

    look up.....what you see?  now look down........what you see?   case closed

    Become one with the grass on the earth and stare at the sky... the rest is up to you...It can be lovely or you could be covered with ants.

    neither its just there we call it up to have a reference point to start from

    neither its just there we call it up to have a reference point to start from

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