Two weeks' vacation. All expenses paid. Where are we going?

    Europe or South America?   Car, bus, rail, or air?  Australia or Alaska?  Motor home, camping?  Where would you go, what would you do there.....your dream vacation.  Spare NO expense.  

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    Wife and I are going to Bora Bora.  Going by air, then boat.


    You and the wifey, have a safe and wonderful vacation. :-)

    Looking forward to going, thanks friend, love ya.


    Thank you.......

    A trip around the world to ride on every major roller coaster in two weeks... Ha!  I am throwing up just thinking about it.


    Moderator ENJOY throwing up!

    (Another new name... "barfie")

    Motion sickness pills every day for you, missy. What fun, though. A whirlwind trip to ride roller coasters!

    Austrailia  all over

    Ireland!!  Totally AMAZING, especially Northern!



    Irish friend of mine hasn't stopped talking about her trip to Ireland, IN THE 80's. It's gotta be beautiful! And the PUBS

    I'd be happy in a 40 foot sailboat bouncing around  the caribbian , going from port to port, meeting new people and tasting their wine (rum), with the sun always on my back..


    This answer caused me to sign contentedly, my shoulders to relax, and my eyes to half-close. Excellent.

    Daren- I guarantee you"ll have a blast!

    perhaps one day soon.

    the holy land to walk where JESUS walked would be the trip of a life time


    This comment is way late, but that would definitely be a trip worth taking. It would be even better if "everything" were the same as when He walked.

    The trip is will love it !

    I would go on a Safari in the Amazon, Of course with a group of people. I would be very happy just to sleep in a tent. I would be in heaven.


    It would be an interesting trip for sure, Ann. All the animals and plants! To get away from the concrete and skyscrapers and noise...yes, it would be like heaven.

    I'd take you to Gilligan's Island since you look like Ginger.


    Laughing very loudly out loud! I don't even OWN an evening gown, but it would be fun to hang out like Survivors! Let's do it.

    So, if Chi is the skipper, and Bob is Ginger...who would I be?

    You have to be MaryAnn. She is the lovable one who is pretty from the inside out!

    I would fly to the Maldives and go diving with the marine life, then I'd like to go to Canada and Alaska, I would love to take one of those really cool cruises around Alaska, oh, also the train and of course I would stay in the very best accommodation, never have liked roughing it


    Your cabin should make the captain's look like a closet, lambshank!

    The south of France in a private jet, chauffeured in a Rolls, and consuming great amounts of champagne. Sure beats living in Pennsylvania, driving a Chevy pick-up and drinking "Mad dog 20/20". I'm ready.


    Packez votre valises, monsieur.
    ed shank

    They're packed.

    I'd like to visit the Alaska, Japan, and Australia. I've pretty much seen most of the states. I love to camp, but only in certain circumstances. It wouldn't be a good idea in most parts of Alaska in the winter, lol.


    Igloos are warm, aren't they? My mom has visited all three. She enjoyed Australia the most. With all our Aussie pals, that would be a good place to start! Hope you get to do it.

    Yeah, that makes sense. I have met online a lot of friendly Aussies. I suppose I'll have to put Australia to the front of the list.

    I'd keep you home and do some catch up???pretty lady!


    Seriously? Do your glasses need updating? Thank you for the compliment, I think. :D

    Your right! At lease I'D die happy.You've have a good vocation!!

    how do i get this


    I wish. Just have fun with it. Let your imagination work overtime.

    ok im on my tropical island with my wife sipping margaretas and loving life thank you lol

    Africa!  I must see the lions again before they are extict from the is happening rapidly.  (SOB!)


    What a majestic place I picture Africa to be. My mom Visited several years ago and has never stopped marveling at all she saw and did on that trip (including a hot air balloon ride). Hope you have the opportunity to get there soon, doo!

    Life is short...I am hoping I'll have the resources to take my niece next summer!!! It will be a graduation from High School..welcome to womanhood adventure (If my anxiety ridden sister allows her to go).

    As Facebook says you are pretty but it would have to be the Maldives to catch up not Ourgate.


    I'd opt for something other than time with me, too, dunc! :D

    From what I can see time with you only would be very pleasent

    The prison where Bernie Madoff is? What did you do (lol)?


    What did I do? Bernie Madoff? This is going to require some serious thought.

    If you expect me to believe you, why didn't you answer my Q: "If you love to travel, what are the ten places/countries/areas/cities you wish to see/visit before you die?" :(


    valR: Please notice this question is 4 months old. I'll be sure to look for your question and answer it promptly. I haven't seen it.
    If you want to answer this question, it's your choice. I do wonder why you are posting an answer like this to me. Did you get up on the wrong side of the bed or have I somehow offended you?

    No, you did not offend me at all. On the other hand it seems that I offended you. This was not my intention. Didn't you notice I voted up your Q?

    ...and I completely appreciate your kind reception of my questions and answers, valR. I am not offended but kind of taken back by what you wrote. Lots of people don't answer our questions, but that doesn't prevent us from answering theirs. I'm OK with you! :D

    I answer all the Qs for which I have answers -one word or one page long - from as many as I catch within my very little time I have. I will continue to ask as many Qs with no intent to insult or put down anyone.
    Good night.

    las vegas


    All expenses would mean you have gambling money, too. LV can be fun outside the casino, for sure. THe Grand Canyon is close by and a good day or even overnight trip, for example.

    I would go to las vegal and stay at bellogios! never stayed there.  i would gamble bigtime.  i love gambling but don't do it too much.  las vegas also because they have great restaurants and great food. las vegas because i love live shows and entertainment & i would go see every show i wanted to see.  never seen the wax museum.  would go see that too. travel by train.


    You let me know when you are going to be there, tabber. I'll meet you and we will have a blast.

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