Why do people like Earl Grey tea.

    Most bloggers find Earl Grey loathsome . The taste and smell sometimes described as decomposing mushrooms.

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    I agree Earl Grey tea is strong, but I've never associated the tea with the smell or flavour of mushrooms.


    Not long ago, I was introduced to Lady Earl tea and I enjoyed it while it lasted.    I've read that the Lady Grey tea was (introduced) trademarked in the 1990's because some people found the Earl Grey tea to be too strong.  




    Entering The World of Lady Grey Tea



    People used to say that Earl Grey tea caused rather strange impulses on women, so Lady Grey tea was invented to ease women’s minds and hearts. Tale or not, Twinings created this new blend in the 1990's to appeal to those who found Earl Grey too strong.

    Just like Earl Grey Tea, which was named after Charles Grey, an English prime minister, Lady Grey tea was named after Mary Elizabeth Grey, Charles’s wife.

    This flavoured tea is a blend of black tea leaves, with an astonishing fragrant oil of bergamot. Now this is where Lady Grey differs from Earl Grey tea. To make it less strong and gentler, Seville orange and lemon peel are added.

    The presence of bergamot oil is not that strong as in Earl Grey tea which means that the black tea leaves used to make this new blend have to be of very good quality.

    Look inside your cup and behold that mahogany beautiful colour. Now inhale that fragrance. All of this is ready to offer you a world of pleasure and benefits. A world that will protect you and your loved ones!

    Lots of good information to read here for Lady Grey Tea: Health Benefits-Lose Body Fat    Caffeine Alternative    Calming Tea    Healthier Skin    Fight Bad Odor    Side Effects



    Is that a bird's nest? I've never seen one of those before, what bird is it?

    It's very good and hearty . I used to drink it back in the 80s, even loose E G tea. It is slightly perfumey, but tastes very good and smells good and makes you feel good.

    I'll never know why!

    Perhaps for one, some or all of these reasons:

    There are no hard and fast rules for brewing tea and like most things in life people have their own tastes and preferences and so it is with tea. 
    I prefer my tea black and 'extra strong' in a mug with 2 tsp. sugar and milk to taste. I would suggest you first warm the mug with hot or boiling water, then empty and add the tea bag and boiling water. After 2 minutes, remove the tea bag, add the sugar and milk and stir.


    I actually love the taste of it.


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