how do people feel about foreigners taking our money housing and jobs

    im sick and tired of people taking everything that we have worked hard for they pay nothing in but get everything out by playing their racist card

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         I have no issue with people who immigrate legally to the U.S., secure housing and work legally, pay their taxes, and obey the laws of the land.  Speaking English is a big  plus.             
         I have developed some passive resentment for the school systems which cater to ESL or remedial students at the expense of programs for more capable students.  It is the dumbing down of America that is occuring that is so distressful.   For some reason, It is my belief the constitution of the State of California designates English and Spanish as the official languages of the state.  If this is so, every student should be literate and conversant in both English and Spanish upon graduation from high school.  That's not happening, nor has it ever.  Can you imagine the class action suit that could ensue if this were true.
          It is also hard to swallow flags from foreign countries being flown on flagpoles ABOVE the flag of the USA.  My thought is, "If you value your citizenship and roots that much, please pack your stuff and go home."  There have been fights in the ELEMENTARY schools the past couple of years on Cinco de Mayo.  At one high school, some students were sent home that day for wearing shirts that had the American flag on them.  Yes, seriously.
         Our prisons house  a majority of "minority" criminals.  Many of them are in the US illegally.  It costs about $30-40 THOUSAND per year to maintain a single inmate.  Those are my tax dollars going to feed, clothe, and shelter someone who snuck into my homeland and seriously broke the law.   Many of those inmates have ties to drugs like meth.  With two sons who succumbed to that crap, my feelings are less than generous to those folks. (And my sons made the choice to use, I will never deny that)


    roddy, you can sit around and smoke pot all day long if you want. My kids chose meth and it has compromised their lives forever. They are 23 and 24. They are in jail. One has two little girls. The other one is their uncle.
    Illegals in my homeland, pushing drugs and making a fortune from others' heartbreaks, can go to hell. Put them at the front of the line.

    Unfortunately it is our Government who is responsible for our immigration law. The doors are open to anyone who wants to come to this country legally. You would think they have enough brains, to stop immigration for the time beeing, while our Economy is in shambles. We cant afford to take care of new immigrants and illigal aliens living in our country.There are too many American Citizens that are homeless jobless and too many living in poverty.


    Well said Ann. Yes we have the same problem in the UK.

    The poverty in UK and USA is bad management by governments; is caused by the silly wars we are doing everywhere. I do not deny there are problems, but your language is not solving them...
    I don't care where u are coming from, but the australian economy is not in shambles...look elsewhere and see other countries with bigger problems.

    Governments only want votes because these sorts of people will always vote for them.

    Here in Ireland, for Goverment to really take notice, is to be an Ayslum seeker. They appear to get it all. Mind you the Polish do ok also. which causes many problems. Sadly to where some Polish males, have been murdered.

    Yes i along with many others do have serious concerns regarding UK immigration polices. As i have mentioned above to air comments of this nature you are instantly labled a racist!! So very sad. 


    Loved your comment,i feel the same towards my country.

    I am so very glad that it's not just me!!

    maz I am with you on this I have made many a comment on this read one of my questions it comes under a email and its so true good answer xxx

    Maz I am with you too and more.

    i don't think any one's happy about loosing ones job any where, but in a democratic society thats what makes us great... freedom , i think if we want to place blame it should be on the goverment, their agenda is too liberal.. with all the foreign aid they give out they can't see the mess right in their own front yard. obviously you can't please everyone, but it seems like their only out to please them selves, perhaps term limits as well as rigid  imagration laws would be a step in the right direction

    Canada is a country that celebrates culture.  The only true Canadian is the Native Indian or First Nations People who also should be celebrated.  I grew up in a neighborhood filled with immigrants and it has been that way ever since.  We are all colours, all religions, tall, short, big, small, this and that...It is great to live in a country that celebrates the differences and supports individuality. 

    We went out for dinner the other night and I looked around the restaurant and thought, "I am so white and so boring.  A little pigment and a more interesting background ... Woot!" 

    It is a fact that the service industry in the UK would collapse if it relied on the indigenous population for man/woman power.

    We have the very same problem here in Australia.It makes me angry at times.I don't consider myself a racist but it's hard to be tolerant when you see one particular ethnic group taking over everything.Taxi drivers,Pizza hut,7-11s,even the trolley boys at the supermarkets are from the same ethnic group.It wouldn't be so bad but they are lazy & rude.They will not assimilate & they speak in their own language in front of you.They live in multi-dwelling complexes & over-crowd them,often with 5-6 adults living in a 2 bedroom apartment because it's cheaper to share.They leave their garbage on the sidewalk for somebody else to clean up.They want to turn this country into the one they left behind because they couldn't stand the squallour any more.


    You should see some parts of London. Absolute filth, the streets have bottles, papers and all kinds of rubbish littering the streets around shopping areas.

    soon they will have saved enough to own their houses while u may be watching them. Remember the power of unity in the family and taking any job u get. then move up slowly by proving your ability.

    I have worked with people of  many races and almost all want the same things I do. I said almost because many of all races that wanted the most they could get, for doing as little as possible. Unfortunately most of the lazy ones were people of color. I am sick of hearing how soneones grandfather or grandmother was a slave and that entitles them to the best of everything for doing nothing. My grandparents came to America from Italy and were considered to be riffraft and discriminated against from the time they got here untill they were in thier sixtys. They worked hard, made all eight of thier children finish high school and succeeded in the business they started. To the lazy people of color I say; quit bitching, get a job doing something legal and get some education at night school or one of the special educational programs set up for you. By the way, in America we speak English, not Spanish, so if you want to live here, learn how to speak English. To the illegal aliens trying to cross the border, quit it and do it the legal way my grandparents did. To the drug smugglers from Mexico; farmers, cattle ranchers and homeowners in the areas your using to illegally cross are fed up with your beligerence. This is not your country and there are not enough border guards to catch you all. Knowing this, it will not be to long before they take matters into there own hands. If you don't get shot in one of your drug wars in Mexico, you might just get hit by by accident, by a rancher shooting at a coyote or a cattle rustler. The biggest mistake you drug runners made was to shoot an innocent farmer who used to put out food and water for the illegals coming here to look for work. Have you ever heard the term, an eye for an eye?

    In the USA if you are not native American Indian- We were all foreigners at one time.  However many new comers don't even have to pay taxes.

    I agree, send them home.

    It's Capitalism at work.


    I cant say to much about how I feel because I will be tag a racist. But have you noticed that all the road work that Obama is talking about to create jobs, all of the workers are mexican. the only Americans doing road work is the ones operating the big machinery.Then they have babies and get medicaid and food stamps while I set here with a overian mass that I have had for 3yrs and can"t get any medical help because I have no insurance. My husband lost his job of 15yrs do to the company going out off business and cant get a job any where !!He has to do odd jobs for people just to help us scrape by.We have lost just about everything that he worked so hard to have!!Yet the latinos across the street are driving new cars and fixing up thier house and prospering!!If it was not for the power of my faith we would not make it.


    I'm with you DNanners,I too lost my long time job due to the company going out of business and at my age I'm having a hard time finding another one.I think they should shut the boders down for awhile until this country can get back on it's feet.I wish you and your family all the best.

    There is a bitter and ill-informed tone to your question. What do you mean 'foreigners'? I come from a multi-cultural country and grateful for it.

    In response to many answers. No flag in the United States should fly above the USA flag. i don't care where you come from you are in the United States.Lazy people are not always people of color

    Maybe USA people should not look down on manual labor but learn how to start at the bottom and work your way up.  Check out the situation in Alabama. Fruit rotting on the ground because none of the unemployed citizens are willing to work hard. I think we are raising a generation of lazy people of many colors.

    Also anyone who comes here needs to learn the language or go home. When My family came to the United States no one at Ellis Island spoke Dutch but , my family made it all the way to South Dakota learning English as they went.


    I agree with what you say,alot of the younger generation are lazy . But what about a 45yr old man that has worked since he was 17 to make a descent living and has always had good work ethics but lost his job of 15yrs due to the company going out of business . And now he cant find a job his unemplyoment benifits have run out so he goes and diggs ditches or what ever he has to do . Still no job!

    Could it be this reality that people take the oppertunity and challange to come over to your country and get the jobs that are obvissiually available and earn money with it? Is it a dangerous situation? Do you need a different economic and social policy concerning foreigners?

    Maybe  we should start a 3rd politicial party,  I have a potential  great name  for it  too.   There is  Democrats, Republicians, Tea party.  And now  we  should  have The Rednecker Party.  Take back  America, with just good common sense.

    Apparently Italy has had 60,000 people arrived this year so far from Libya. The Italian economy can't support this number so the immigrants will be distributed across the EC.

    The problem of illegal immigrants is not confined to one country, so call off your knee-jerk reactions to new faces, languages, skin colours, and cultures.

    no they are not taking away anything - you are giving it away because of incompetence or thinking it is your right.. work hard and give 100% to your employer. you will have a job.

    no they are not taking away anything - you are giving it away because of incompetence or thinking it is your right.. work hard and give 100% to your employer. you will have a job.

    no they are not taking away anything - you are giving it away because of incompetence or thinking it is your right.. work hard and give 100% to your employer. you will have a job.

    no they are not taking away anything - you are giving it away because of incompetence or thinking it is your right.. work hard and give 100% to your employer. you will have a job.

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