Why, you say?

    (hope I'm not ramblin' here)
    Some might say, um... why not? You have just about everything at your finger-tips here in the west (it's not "all-good") and you've probably heard of the "progressive" drive to control us (I'm hoping you're a bit familiar here). Don't you think that we're headed to be controlled (even more so than we already are) because we've partaken, now dyin' to be inducted among the ever-growing number of civilizations with a penchant for Dictatorship, manipulated gain or otherwise?
    See? We need to be ...controlled...

    Dude.... Some believe this need to be controlled comes out of our own-selves, as we individually, among a greater majority, want to play "God", we create and destroy.

    Where does that come from? I believe that it is inherent in our make-up to subvert our better "god" to a corruptible state. We capitulate. HIstory - Fascinating parallel.
    What is this state?? Higher conscience in denial?

    There must be something in our core causing our attempt to model and choke on,... God...The incorruptible.

    I really don't mean to go off on a diatribe, but it's bad. Oops. Was I supposed to pose a question?


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    Roger Willcoe

    You lost me.

    1 Answer

    Hi Paul;


    The only thing that I can suggest is stay away from the scary radio stations.  Live your life in a positive manner and hope to heck we don't all get blown up before we have finished our "To Do" list or in some cases the "Honey Do" list. 

    Life is yours to live in the most glorious way imaginable. 



    Have yourself an amazing one... The Fish


    ....did someone mention honey do ?

    Ha! I knew you would see that one! Such a smile.

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