Can anyone explain why there is not a mouse flavored catfood. seems there should be don't you think

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    Our a cat nip flavored catfood right

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    Are you willing to eat a mouse to see what it tastes like?  I'm not and I am sure that most of the 'flavour experts' out there in 'flavour expert land' are not willing to do that either.

    Chicken, fish, lamb (New Zealand free range no less), beef, bison or buffalo (samesies), trout, salmon, duck, venison and catfish... just to start.  Cats have a lot to choose from other than mice in the pet food world of affairs.

    My rescue cat would not eat a mouse and that is why she is a rescue.... so thin and my door was open.  She came in for the excellent cuisine and has been dining fine ever since.

    On the real side.  The protein component in cat food is purchased in powdered form.  It is rendered from animals bought in large quantities and delivered to pet food making companies in large quantities.  Mice are extremely small and not grown on farms.  It would take a lot of mouse powder which would require a lot of mouse flesh which would require a lot of people working on those little mouse carcases to make enough protein to produce cat food for the cat masses.  In a sentence, it is not cost effective.



    Red tail catfish..... cute!


    Have a glorious one!


    Cute ?

    only you, Fish !

    Adorable.... you obviously have never known a Katfish... other than me!

    I have a red-eyed tetra that's cute and has a nice personalilty.He's about 4 yrs. old....which is amazing !

    That actually is amazing because most small tropical fish usually only live about three years. Congratulations! You are officially a fish geek!

    Here in northern California half of the cats are wild and I don’t see many mice. I thought there would be more mice, but apparently the cat to mouse ratio is limiting the mouse population quite severely . 

    Sounds reasonable, but most domestic cats would not know a mouse if it kissed them on the lips!

    As Fishlet said, someone would have to identify the flavor of mouse in order to reproduce it.  I wouldn't want that job, and I'm desperate for a job. 

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