why do women stays in an abusive relationship with their partners

    Abusive Relationships

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    It usually does not start out that way. When there is alcohol or drugs involved thats when the problem begins. Men at this point will isolate theire wives and children and the abuse cointinues. He will tell her it is all her fault and she cant leave, because she has nowhere to go.Eventually they kill the spirit and soul of theire victim and they become zoombies. They no longer have a mind of theire own. Many times if women try to leave, they are killed by theire abuser.

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    Sad but true :(

    If the partner does not drink nor smoke or taking drugs, but still he is abusive and degrading his fiance or wife, whats the cos of it? I believe that respect goes with love. Where there's no respect, there is no love.

    I've asked that question so many times. Why stay with someone who wants to hurt you? Men who beat their wives should shot, literally.

    It comes on incrementally.  Like taking pills a little more each day and then one day the woman wakes up and she is numb...that's the good part.  Family and friends have dissapeared and that's the bad part...there is not much support and no where to turn.  On top of that a woman in that situation doesn't believe that one single thought she has is valid.  It can happen to anyone and it's not just women.

    Women who (often through no fault of their own) suffer from low self-esteem. Women with low self-esteem are favoured and targeted by abusive controlling men who are damaged adults and have no other way to deal with their anger issues other than beating their partners. Women do not WANT to stay in such relationships. The psychological picture is complex but basically women have been brainwashed into believing they deserve to be physically abused and they are unwanted by everyone other than the abusing partner. The relationship becomes dysfunctionally co-dependant and the victim, the woman, will require enormous psychological support to break a deeply embedded abusive cycle and terminate the relationship. My heart goes out to those who endure such horrible circumstances.

    i am a woman and don't understand why other women stays in an abusive relationships. don't really understands.

    thats women for you

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