my tendons hurt i cant sit down what can i do

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    First do no harm ,we are not always correct in our self dignosis so try little things like drinking some more water . Sodas milk and other liquids dont count only plain water counts . Then try alittle hot tub time . I use Stopain from walgreens about 12.00 dollars great stuff. Then see if your Doc will give you a anti inflamitory med . Follow directions correctly. Tiger balm also helps with a good massage some hot towels . Try cutting down the choices in your diet do a little cleansing and keep it simple for awhile . Lastly take a cruise through www.a2zhealthandbeauty  I know starnge name but suck it up and give it a chance go look its worth the time . Take a look at  both places deserve a bookmark .  Good Luck and may this pass and better days come your way.Bill

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