Does an Ex Husband have the right to put it in Divorce papers,that his ex. wife is not to draw his S.S,even if they were married more than 10 yrs ?

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    I think so but, ask your lawyer...

    Make an appointment with your local SS office. Their service and advise is free. I would doubt very much that anything regulating SS payments could be contained in a divorce settlement.

    BTW: A person's SS benefits are not affected by a spouse or ex spouse drawing from the same account. Also, SS and SSI are two different types of benefits.

    This is a question for the ssi administration . Here is how you should ask it : Contested SSI benifits Spousal rights after 10 years of marriage in the state of ...................................   My feelings are its your SSI you earned it should be yours to do with as you wish. What I dont know is does a spouse have any rights to what is acquired during the marriage in regards to SSI . Answers will come from a SSI benifits lawyer.  Cost maybe 150.00 for consult.  The SSI is unlikely to charge and they will answer this question if you make a appointment . Sorry I dont have a better answer ,but at least now you have a direction and some clarity . Good Luck may it turn out well

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