Is it me, or are some of these question written in broken English!

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    I don't know about broken but it's certainly bad English.Bad spelling & bad punctuation in a lot of the questions.I'm no expert but at least I try to get it right.It doesn't seem to matter to a lot of people these days.

    You have a good enough reason to ask this question,once your familiar with the site you will be able to detect, the genuine ,the foolish ,the illiterate ,the sex mad ,the kids ,the arrogant ,the ones that want to play guessing games ,homework ,you will also find a lot of this kujyhuiujhuyjhugythujiu ,wich you just ignore and a lot of justin bieber questions.All in all the members here are a great bunch,so if your planning on sticking around Daisy,we welcome you.It doesn't have to be all serious you can have some fun too.Just keep the guess work up,lol.


    Thank You! I'm slowly catching on. I've always been to serious. This will be good for me.

    They are not only in broken English,they are under the the currupted,American influance too,




    the one's I thought of were the mentally disturbed questions. Should have given it more thought.

    Don't think much of your spelling either den. Should be:
    They are not only in broken English, they are under the corrupted American influence too

    I make a lot of oops too ,but usually get my message  across.


    I'm not being mean. An oops, misspelled word, run on sentence, I don't care, it's all good. I'm talking about the crude sex questions,so poorly written. Is it children?
    I know foreigners usually mastered the language better than I have. When they haven't I am tolerant. It's all good. It doesn't bother me.
    I have only been on here 5 days. I'm learning.

    It's definitely you.  Nah, only joking.

    Don't worry about it. People all over the world are here.  We can't expect them all to speak or write perfect English.


    I think it's children, cutting up.. I shouldn't have used the word "broken". I wasn't really worried about the poorly written question. As long as I can make it out, I do my best.It's part of the puzzle, and I enjoy it.


    True. Figuring out some of the questions are half the challenge.

    A lot of visitors can't spell or form a complete sentence... (or ask a question)...


    yea your write man,

    I truly agree with Umbriel.   The most important factor, to me, is the sincerity of the question.  I would still try to answer such question even though the user's English usage may be hard to understand.


    I agree, I was writing about the sexual question written by silly young adults. Colleen usually removes them, but I was new, and didn't know.

    Translations  from one language to another does not always cary the subtleties of meaning or the intention of the writer. Grammar checking helps in composition, but seems to suck up time when the writer is less interested in their presentations appearance or accuracy. 


    I wasn't writing about broken English, but the sex, ignorant silly questions. I enjoy questions from any culture, I love to learn. I didn't write to offend anyone. It was a poorly written question. I should have put more thought into it.

    My answer was based on my understanding of your question.

    There are alot of questions that are missing vital parts of speech, like a subject, for instance!  It seems easy to pick out the ones that may be written by people who are ESL (English as a Second Language).  There is obviously an attempt to express a complete thought from them.  The silly, suggestive, crude, and obnoxious questions;  these are the ones I can do without.
    Pythonlover's answer addressed about every form of question seen here. (best answer)
    Would really like to purge this site of those pointless, offensive, redundant questions and the ones that ask for mileage, etc.
    It seems like the people who are "the regulars" are literate, though! 


    Exactly! It seems they come in packs. You never see just one, it's 5-7 at a time, then nothing.
    I was wondering if it was the same silly person.

    It could be a few checking in with different names, but I don't think anyone would really get off on doing that's not worth the time. Maybe if there was some sort of introduction to akaQA, it would deter some of the riffraff stuff????

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