When it is evident that the offense of a theat to kill a person WAS importuned by the Mother of the accused is she not possessing culpable criminal liability for the conduct of her son ?

    The accused son and the person threatened by him had never known of each others' existence prior to the incident ! The mother had a minor altercation with the person threatened about a half hour before the incident occurred. The son lives in his own home about 4 blocks away from the building where the mother and the person threatened reside. Is the relevant Article 20.00 "Criminal liability for conduct of another" not to be agitated while proceeding with the offense of harassment.

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    In my heart I believe that when a mother convinces a child, no matter how old, to do something that is not right , the mother should be held responsible. " She started it ". However in my experience there is no fault wit the mother, because the child choose to do the deed.

    Maybe you should finish law school before you start  trying to inpersonate a lawyer. Cut the crap and say what happened. I feel like roasting some moron on a spit today and if I had more time I would really tell you what I think . Live your life in a manner that dont involve courts threats and other BS. If your mommy is making threats for you then just grow the hell up !!!!!!!!!!!! Start acting like adults

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