If you could do anything you wanted, what would it be?

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    Go back in time

    Save the world.


    goog answer lol

    Be a doctor or a produce stand owner...

    as robert said save the world and stop all the wars and negativety with all


    Roberts and you have a wonderful idea, wish it could happen. Soon!

    To make the world a happy place No drugs rapes no mugging people for money no wars . its a nice "Dream.Iam always dreaming,can it come true??


    It's your dream to dream, if you say it, then it is so! It was beautiful! The world needs dreamers!

    Daisy thank you my "Wife calls me a "dreamer" maybe that's why you look young.Nice comment from her.

    Just like the John Lennon song image great song!!

    Yes Whovin great "Song" true meaning!!

    ok, I thought about it a little more.  I think I would "start over"  (let's leave that open-ended, so I don't have to say what would be started over).  Trust me when I say it would be to the benefit of many!


    I know what you mean. Me too!

    Golly, I was going to be really self-centered with my answer.  I'm ashamed of myself. Thanks for the wake-up!


    I was hoping for some self centered ideas. We have some higher thinkers in this group!

    Nothing. I have done everything so far that I ever wanted to do. I'm not sure I would even turn back the clock, the painful lessons I've endured while being a stupid young person have made me a much better human being today. I do owe an apology to someone for nearly 4o years, that I would like to do before I take the eternal dirt nap.

    thats a difficult one,the answer i dont know...

    Go back in time to about when I was a teenager


    Me too, there is something I want to change.

    Observe Jenn expressing herself with “No”. 



    Deposit a check for a billion dollars in the bank that wouldn't bounce...and from there I would devise ways of helping people help themselves to better lives.


    You are so good hearted!

    I would choose to be a person that could heal all sickness, of course I would haft to heal myself first.


    Your a good person!

    I would want the power to heal all disease after helping everyone first and my self last I would like to become immortal and learn how to write books and learn grammar and English properly I never really learned the subject at all



    I didn't either!
    Where have you been? You were missed!

    Save the planet.


    a higher thinker! Sweet! Missed you!

    own a horse farm and learn how to take care of them.


    I love horses! I use to ride in wagon trains when I was a kid, sleep under the stars and camp cook. It was great!

    I love horses also.

    Get THE MAGIC 100k Karma,what could be more exciting than that?



    really! Me too!

    i would stop the world and get off........


    That's a first! WOW!

    just kiddin' :)

    Delete all but one of these answers.


    Nothing sinister! I was curios to see who would make a comment and I thank you for it. As to the question I found it far too difficult for me to give an answer because I simply had none, my mind sometimes deserts me and this was one of those times.

    Go to an audition with my cousins and sing! Btw my parents won`t let me thats why


    how old are you?

    I`m 10 and 1/2.

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