Are there any good deliberation/debate boards out there?

    Looking for these qualities;

    a) NOT Christian only, ALL are welcome.

    b) Cursing and personal attacks are NOT allowed.

    c) ALL topics are allowed.


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    3 Answers

    i wish i knew as well ..

    This board and many like it are begun for marketing tools. Draw in a large number of people and then target them with advertising that fits into their likes according to their rhetoric or answers in this case. I am not tech savey, but someone who is could build a site for robust debate and draw tens of thousands to the itching advertisers!

    I have been on Christian boards, but they do not allow non-Christians. I know this site is not about debate, they are just looking for each others opinion or knowledge and frown upon debate. If there isn't any, and it is hard to believe that there isn't, someone oughta start one.

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