How to find help for a drug addict?

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    maybe go throufg the yellow page almost every community has programs to help battle this disease..

    There are many programs out there for helping your friend. The sad thing is that unless he/she is ready and wanting help, nothing will work. I spent at least four years caught up in the drug scene. My parents could do nothing for me. In fact I had gone so far that they were finally at the point that they were ready to write me off and tell me to just not come around anymore. They loved me and I knew that, but they didn't love what I was doing. Hate the sin, love the sinner, is what I always remember them saying.I had to come to a point that I hit rock bottom and that was something I had to come to, nobody could do that for me.Be there for your friend but when things get too tough you have to back away. Make sure the person knows you love them and that you will be there when they are ready to change their life but love them enough to let them go for now.

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