What type of collar, lease or halter is best for a Pug dog to use on when out for a nice walk?

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    A harness... for sure... they wont choke if they get excited and try to run. You also have more control becuase you are not pulling or leading by the neck, but by the shoulder and girth of the dog.

    If you value your friend then may I suggest a comfortable halter as these guys are on the pudgy side  and this just seems like it would work better . Enjoy your walk . Friend of mine has one of these dogs ,belongs to the kids . Dog has a dislike for him and his wife . The dog pees in his shoes and on the bed . Does exactly as he pleases welcomes strangers and growls at the boss. Very funny to watch ,dog torments this guy bad. Dog must have been human in another life  or will be human in the next life . Enjoy your friend                                            Bill

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