With all of the complaining that is done about TV advertisements volume going up when they come on the air why do the advertisers continue to TURN THEM UP?

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    I can't wait for the day when my hearing is gone, then I won't be able to discern the difference.


    I look forward to the day when I am too old to be punched ,then I can really tell people what I think instead of holding back . LOL

    I am there now. Hahaha.

    I heard a rumor that the CRTC is going to pass a law preventing them from raising the volume. Lets hope it is true.


    Here in the US the FCC under Obama's direction had already done this but it is ignored for some reason..

    That's the money maker...

    In 1998 congress passed a bill allowing advertisers to up the volume gain on their commercials, this was overturned by Obama last year, so far it has not been enacted upon. The argument is that it is no different than other attention grabbers such as bright colors and tricky animations and just plain stupidity. There should be no difference between the senses as advertising  is all about grabbing one's attention. 

    I will not buy a product the 'attacks my senses'.  Also, I think that ad campaigns should be limited to how long they are allowed to stream, 5 minute commercials or infomercials is outrageous. There are some channels that i will not watch regardless of what programming because of those three elements, too often, too long and too loud..

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