i'm a disable veteran and in a wheelchair and have been for many year's it sit's my ass on fire went when i go somewhere and there is a car are truck parked in a handycap parking space and they are not handycap show a little respect to the handycap and think all veteran's out there for their service to our country

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    Hi Rousabout
    I'm an ex British soldier and I would like to thank you for the service you have given to your country be it British or USA or any of our allies after all we have fought as friends for many conflicts. I'm sorry that you and many like you have to put up with societies arseholes who couldn't give a......well you know what I mean about you. It's a shame but it's because they have never had to endure what you have. Hold your head up high and be above them. They are not worth your stress. Be proud. I now care for disabled men and know just where you are coming from. Many of these AH drive with badges that belong to their mothers and think the badge entitles them to park even if their mothers are not with them. It is an offence for them to do that and you should call a police constable who can check their pass. Good luck and hold yer head up mate. Yer a diamond in society. Thankyou.

    I am ex Army and if I see somone parked in these zones I leave a note "YOU HAVE MY PARKING SPOT NOW HOW WOULD YOU LIKE MY DISABILITY"

    I would report the tag numbers and vehicles to the police especially if you have a cell phone and can do so then because there are huge fines for people that park in handicapped marked spaces and they are not. A few of those high priced tickets should get their attention as I do not think you can just mail in and pay those type tickets, I think that they actually have to appear in court and pay the high priced ticket, lose time off work, see the judge and pay the court costs. One or more times of them having to do that, should break them. That is irresponsible and does not say much for one's character as a person or moral fiber if they are not handicapped and parking in those places. Also tells me they are like laziness gone to seed.

    just reading some of the comments reflected here one would think we are at war with one another, maybe we should pause for a moment and offer respect to our fellow human

    I remember the guy next door that was paralyzed on his left side and a cousin missing a leg, but I don't remember them whining or complaining but that was before parking entitlements and all the thanks for your service driving a forklift in a warehouse for 3-4 years, flag waving for the take over of the world hidden behind the words freedom and democracy. I didn't get wounded, so I'll walk from the south forty. I've been working hard for many years while you were sitting so try and have a little respect for the guy's that bust their ass'es and have to get by without notice from special interest groups.

    OH Rousabout
    Sorry I forgot to say. Have you read the blue section of your disabled badge. You should. The badge, if you are British does not automatically give you the right to park in a supermarket handycap zone. This is at the discretion of the car park owner say Tesco's. Other drivers can actually park in there with no penalty if there is no other parking space available. The car park owner can politely ask them to move but as the place is open to the general public the non disabled driver does not have to move. Sorry but that's just how it is.


    i'm not talking about what british does but thank's for the info


    wow thats sad ..

    Thank Rushie54 for your answer i know what you are saying is true THANK'S AGAIN

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