Why would someone prey on your weakness when they no you are in a time of crisis and confusion?

    I am going to be REALLY honest here.... I have a hard time with fidelity...  I have walked away from all temptation. Now that my dad is nearing the end the temptation has found its way back...  Is it because they know I am weak??? What is the angle?

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    Jenn you must be terribly unhappy in your situation if you are sexually tempted by a man other than your husband.

    As you probably know,I am no christian bible thumper,but I made some promises to the most significant person in my life (All those years ago).I have never broken those promises & never will.

    Sure I can be aroused by some cute little thing in skin tight jeans but that temptation lasts about 3 minutes.

    If you think this guy is jumping the queue because he knows you are vulnerable,keep away from him. It will only complicate your life further if you succumb to him.

    How's your dad?

    Soldier on Kiddo.:)



    He is back home after a week at the Hspice center... He is not the same person he was before he went.. He is VERY confused. And frequently lost in time. He is hallusinating.
    It is my hope that he will not suffer long.

    I am very happy in my marriage.. I love my hubby more than life and would not be unfaithful.. But I know my weaknesses and and not going to pretend I dont have them. I realize that I am tempted and try to remove myself from the situation. I believe that I gave away my infatuation to this person and it is being played with... Ijust dont understand why someone would do that. Or perhaps I am reading into his "kindness" and "support".

    It's him that's weak Jenn,not you.Weak as piss we would call him down here.
    Good to hear your dad's home.There is no place like it.I'm sure he will be more comfortable there.keep us posted.(I'm sure you will).
    PS.what's the storm situation for you.All OK I hope.

    I am in Goergia... So it is hot and humid as always... Irene yook its toll in North Carolina... But it lost power before it could get to the more populated cities. @ deaths comfirmed so far. ! was a tree falling and the second was an auto accident.

    Absolutely, this guy knows you are in an emotionally-charged situation and your focus is on your dad.  He is blindsiding you. What better time to worm in and be the comforting friend upon whose shoulder you can rest your head and shed your tears.  How easy to move from comforting friend to the one who helps you take your mind off your troubles, just get away from your reality.  SHAMEFUL.

    This guy is vermin.  To take advantage of you at any time is abhorrent, but to do so when you are facing the death of your dad is inexcusable.  Please tell this person that, while you appreciate the care and concern being shown, you are not up for the challenge of his friendship right now.  Ask him not to call you again, or to come over during this hard time.  Ask him, as a friend, to be considerate of your feelings. (This is the nice way, and for him to ignore your wishes makes him even more dispicable)

    Surround yourself with those who care for you ALL the time.  That would include US.  We are all here to support you.


    Thank you BOB... I seeing this "friend" for what he is.. A predator. I am saddened by it. He has been in our lives for quite a while. Ihave lost any respect I havd forhim.. If for know other reason than him making me question my respectablity.

    I can sense your sadness. Losing a friend is never easy. I am happy that you were able to step out of the picture and see what was really going on. Maybe sometimes we all need to do a respectablity check on ourselves, but it shouldn't be a friend making you question yourself.
    My sincere sympathy to your family during this hard time for all of you with Dad.

    Jenn,if someone is trying to tempt you into doing anything you know is wrong or will regret,they are NOT your friend!They are predatory creeps using you for their sick twisted amusement and are destructive to themselves and you.I pray for you and your father.Please take care of yourself!!


    WOW!!! Thank you! I needed to hear that.

    Can't say it any better than that.

    Jenn,I do not know you but I believe in treating others as I wish to be treated.We must be our own strongest ally to ourselves.I have learned this THE HARD WAY!Again I will pray for you and your family.Please take care of yourself,YOU DESERVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

    those kind of people are just plain opportunist.................................


    oh jenn,i think its because youre at a time when youre so terribly vulnerable,i would guess you dont know if youre on your head or your hands at the moment.I do feel for you,take care x

    It is a brave new world. Lots of folk have very strange pavlovian responses to situations that they would not have a response for otherwise.  Inappropriate response is a prime indicator of brain damage, drug abuse, stroke, heart-attack.  When someone goes crackers…they are sick and see themselves as normal. Mental illness in its varied forms is not well understood. Hitting on women in crisis to have a fling is indicative of a pattern of behavior that goes to sex as the universal solution to all problems, crisis and general unhappiness. You know of the Suprano’s in-law who couldn’t get off unless he was holding a gun to his wife’s head. The world is full of such strange afflictions of mind.  

    Just because someone gets married doesn't mean that they will never be attracted to another man or woman, I'm sure you know this. The best way is to stay as far away from this person as possible and never be alone with the person. Don't confide in him and if he asks why you are so cold to him tell him that you only have room for one man in your life and that's your husband that you love very much.

    Some people want what they think  they can't have, male or female it's just the forbidden fruit that sometimes makes people want you even more. I suppose it's human nature??? I know when I had a girlfriend cheat on me, no matter how much they apologized or how hard we tried to make it work the trust would never recover. Sometimes I believe it's just a test in life we can either pass or fail, the enemy knows all of our weakness', so be careful not to fall into the trap and ruin your marriage.

    Think about what it would do to your family, children, husband and pray, God will give you the strength you need when you need it. Take care sweetie.

    People do it all the time.  It's human nature.  And it's nature.  Look at a wild animal show.  But I believe we humans try to rise about that behavior, unless we are hungry  . . . for something.  That's why church and religious study is so important.  Then we have to make sure the church folks don't take advantage. Example like the priest did the boys.

    Infidelity is a matter of choice, for there is always temptation but it doesn't require one to act upon it.

    those kind of people are just plain opportunist.................................

    They have issues!!!!   And need help.

    They are weak themselves.

    cus they can

    some people jus dnt get it when its time to go its time to go there is no weakness

    i know how u feel

    They are called energy zappers friend, frenzied non-human buggery they are...

    go bead

    They are addicted to power. At times it really hurts.

    Men are just that way , not all but most . If the earth was going to be hit by a giant meteor the last thing on a mans mind would be getting a little .


    LOL.... This made me smile.

    are you talking about some inconsiderate person who wants to have sex and you are having a lot of troubles in your life ,,,but they are commanding you or pulling at you to have sex ,,,,,well if this is not the case....still there are selfish people in the world who have no manners ,,,men know that they can masturbate as a diversion to some magazine ,,this is nothing really wife use to tell me to go do myself ,,its so funny ,,,,,

    cas i guss thare just big jackasses

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