what can you dye eggs with if you are out of vinegar?

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    Another member just suggested kool-aid if you have that in your house.

    Multi-coloring easter eggs or as gifts any time of year. I use a wax resist from a hot pool of wax with a fine brush or dejaunting tool (sorry about the spelling) to pattern colors that you can reveal later after repeating the dye with a little darker different color and repeat the wax job in different areas. If the Dye or eggs are hot the wax will come off between steps. Repeat the process until the egg is black and then remove all of the remaing wax with a little heat from a hair drier and a rag or paper towel. Practice, practice, practice for fun and developing your technique.
    You can use foods you may have in your house (can be up to a 2 day process), otherwise, you need to go to 7-11 (if you have one near by) and get some vinegar.

    Dyed eggs using food as the coloring

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