Orange Juice vs. Apple Juice

    My son and I never drink Orange Juice, but we drink Apple Juice every morning and take our daily vitamins. Do you have to drink Orange Juice at all or is drinking Apple Juice only just fine?

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    Nothing beats fermented grape juice.

    Apple juice in th eUS is getting a bad name. High levels of potentially carcinogenic arsenic have been found in apple juice. Do a Google query. You don't have to drink orange juice or even apple juice. Plenty of other juice drinks are high in Vitamin C.

    Actually Kiwi contains 10 times vit C then either apple or Orange juice. so why not eat or juice a kiwi.

    Both have benefits but I prefer orange juice because it is high in vitamin C.

    Both are great sources of Vitamin C but Orange juice is the average drink used by Americans to get there Vitamin C but both will keep you happy and healthy as long as ur not having any donuts on the side ;) anyway...both are great ...and this is a great question

    Either is good.

    Both are great answers. Thanks

    Apple {cloudy) is better drink

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