Creationist or Evolutionist

    What is the evidence for either of these theories,don't just quote the bible please.Thanks

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    Hi Plinky plonk. havn't quite learnd the 'ropes' of this thing.
    My reply, definatly non biblical, at bottom of page.

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    Can anyone look at nature and say there is no GOD! Sure there are those that do, however the closer you look the more amazing nature is, that is no "BOOM" it is "Creation".

    Grit Savage

    @ papa peg. where did you get your info? it is so wrong!

    Grit Savage

    still laughing randy :-)

    Raider_retired 3_29_

    Great answer. We do not appreciate Gods beautiful work and stunning amazement as often as we should. Great answer Thumbs Up! THANKS

    Headless Man

    "wiseman" What do you consider perfect, no people are not by choice and nature has been screwed up by man's sin.

    Headless Man

    AS far as the age of the earth, you do understand that no rain was on the earth until Noahs day of the flood and people lived up to 1000 yr. before the flood but life time drops off quickly after that, something changed. I believe that's were scientist fail, they don't have all the facts.

    Headless Man

    Still praying Grit.

    papa peg

    Scientist now believe the world is about 6,000 years old.

    wiseman says

    trial and error dude, trial and error during 4 billion years makes what you see in nature and its not perfect either

    If anyone wants to really see the evidence against evolution and are prepared, you can google search The Lie: Evolution. The author, Ken Ham travels the nation touring campus' all over, and has a wealth of scientific knowledge against this theory. If you are a believer in evolution, this takes faith just like religion. They also have a question and answer section on their website, if you really want to know if it is true or not, check out this site.........make your own decision.

    Creationists believe that God created the Earth and all that is in it in 6 days. They also believe that God created man in His image. Therefore God can only be a bit smarter than man. Man, however has never managed to create a living being out of elements, so neither has God.

    Headless Man

    GOD gave us the breath of life (a soul) not His wisdom. Love, Randy

    If you believe in Evolution I think you have a lot of faith. When I look at nature and see the creation all around me I just know this could not all come from chance. Thankyou God

    Grit Savage

    How do you know? have you done extensive research to disprove some of the most brilliant minds on the planet, or did get your info from the bible?


    Brilliant Minds!!? Tell me what these Brilliant minds think the very start was like. What about Intelligent Design. The intelligence came from God

    evolution is very real, but I believe it to be a conscious thing. When a species is 'ready' to evolve, it does, and it evolves either on a conscious level or from intervention, like with eugenics. Science claims it is survival of the fittest, but that undermines the greater truth. They don't always tell the 'populas' about how a species evolves in a similar fashion in two different places despite that they never had contact. But it is always a group that are connected on a conscious level.

    Look up the flower of life, it is a blue print for all things in this universe living and non-living. Our universe is made up of shapes and vibrations of sound or light, which are closely connected. This flower of life will assist in humans ascending their current spiritual evolutionary state. Scientists want you to believe that because many species of life share similar qualities that we all come from the same thing. But there is a shape, called the spiral, that appears everywhere in the universe, you see galaxies or clumped in a spiral form, our DNA, sea shells, the spot on the top of our head.. spirals are a divine shape, it proves nothing, but see how important a role shapes play in the cosmic forces of nature. If we can tap in to that nature then we are the same as that which put us here. God is within each of us. God is all energy and it is all connected. the universe is a construct for the mind. =] much love

    Headless Man

    I never said that an animal or plant can't evolve, but show me an example of one species that evolved into another. GOD created things that can change and things that can't.

    Headless Man

    Sorry, but it's hard to read your


    I never said one thing evolves in to another. Perhaps read more carefully.


    I never said one thing evolves in to another. Perhaps read more carefully. But I also know this universe isn't the construct of one being, unless we all are a part of that being.

    No human being, no scientist has all the evidence. That is why scientific theories change continuously. Evolution is a theory that's constantly changing. Why do evolutionists not want to admit that evolution is really a religion?

    Whatever you believe about your origins affects your world view. It means if there is no God, than there is no absolute authority, and we are the result of some random chance. Evolution has become a so-called "scientific" justification for people to continue to rebel against God.

    They have eliminated Christianity and have replaced it with an anti-God religion, humanism. If evolution is not true, which many scientists believe it to be highly unlikely, then whats left besides creationism? The reason why many people don't believe in God is because they don't want to.

    Headless Man

    People don't want rules, but GOD gave us 10 and if we just obeyed the first 2 everything would be like Heaven.

    I do believe in adaptation.

    Headless Man

    Then adaptation to GOD.

    Depends on what you mean by evolution? Chemical, Cosmic, Biological, etc. If you want to know if a dog evolved from a wolf, then yes. If you want to know if humans evolved from a chimpanzee, then no. It is gentically impossible for one KIND of animal, or being, to evolve into another.

    Creationism is logically scientific, based on good scientific repeatable models. The study of evolution, the transfer of life from the evolutionary tree, is religionistic myth, for those who want to keep God out of the equation.

    Yes GOD created the HEAVENS and earth.But he didn't create the big bang theory.Or the evolutionist

    There is no God or Gods... If you believe there are, more power to you, or Him, or Them... The only question I have is how the first spark of life started. After that, there is ample evidence of life forms changing in spurts of speed over countless generations of generations. Nothing more that that makes any sense at all, unless you believe in every creation myth man has created for the last 100,000 years. God have mercy and pass the bread.

    Headless Man

    How did that first spark of life start? Answer: GOD. Love Randy

    if anyone else on here refers to the bible im going to scream

    Grit Savage

    i have read the bible, and had a go at the Koran!
    a very boring read! instruction manuals on how to kowtow to something made up a long time ago.
    knowledge is a wonderful thing! religious faith is just trying to avoid the reality of death!!

    Headless Man

    Scream............. then.


    Better to scream now that scream for all Eternity. Softenyour heart

    papa peg

    Have you ever read the BIBLE

    I am a Creationist "Evolving" within God's Plan for all of us--Has anyone noticed that we are no longer neanderthals, and, that the "All That Is" which is God, is still smiling down upon us!

    Evolution is an observable fact. can be observed in the study of quickly replicating insects and has been done to study the effect on such things as fruit flies. An experiment that most can try?
    Try not taking the whole course of an antibotic! The "super bug" which is often the result of this is antibiotic resistant and reproduces like kinds. This evolved "super bug" is a big problem for mankind as the anti biotic resistant strain continues to make antibiotics less and less effective

    Darwin did not say that we evolved from apes, but stated that which is easily seen. That apes and humans SHARE a common ancester. The relativly recent discovery of ardipithigus ramidus' skeletal remains (Ardi) 4.4 million years ago. predates 'Lucy' 3.00 million years ago. And -with the now very accurate dating methods, puts us that much closer to finding evidence of this common ancestor, which is belived to have existed at 5-10 million years ago. Our branch shows that we are distinct from the ape but only by a very narrow margin from the branch that is the chimpanzee. Lineage diversion observations show that the D N A split with the Chimp occured 5 - 7 million years ago.

    Grit Savage

    my eyes are wide open! I pity all you lost sheep!!

    Joseph Doran


    Headless Man

    Baa Baa ......... lol


    Thge lost sheep need a SHEPHERD

    Think about this, we humans are able to think and dream beyond the diminsion we live in. We have a concept of time and space that transcends what we see, hear and feel. We can reason and think beyond the scope of our immediate needs and are not bound by a set pack mentality. As a human we stand apart from every other form of nature on this planet. We can reach out with our minds and sense the presence of the spiritual realm as well as the physical, no other creature on this planet can do that. What other creature believes in something or someone larger than itself? Have scientists proved the evolution of man by showing an actual example of it? I think not. That doesn't mean it didn't happen. I believe we are created life forms. Proof of that? Nope. But our place in the scheme of things shows there is a much larger picture of where we fit in than our mortal brains can fathom.The question asked then becomes a matter of belief over a matter of fact. No proof exists either way. Until then I tend to believe in creation over evolution.

    Headless Man

    The breath of life is what makes us different. Love Randy

    We may call it what we like but it's been going on for around 15 BILLION years. Creation is on going. LOOK up and SEE Orion and Stars are Now being created. There could be 35 Trillion Inhabited Planets in the Universe, like our planet Earth.

    Headless Man

    There could be if GOD wants that.

    Evolution is real, the rest is far fetched

    Grit Savage

    and what does your name say "randy palmer" sounds like self lovin to me ;-)

    Headless Man

    Maybe you should change your avatar title, don't seem to describe you well.

    Headless Man

    Funny, Mom named after a singer she liked on radio. I'm sure she never looked the meaning of the word.

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