Are french people unfriendly?

    French people got a reputation of being snobs and not very pleasant. Is this true ?

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    Hi, first let me know if you are french or not ?

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    Well I live in France so it's very complicated. Parisians are not generally liked by the rest of the French because they are known to be offhand. Around the South of France (Cannes, St Trop)they have a lot of money and tend to be very snobbish.I live in the Dordogne which is wine producing and rural and people are generally laid back and a bit 'farmy' and not terribly bright.
    France in split into departments all of which have their own colloquial language only know to them. French can be almost a second language some places. Then on the east some places are very German as they are on the border and on the West you have the Basque region and they are fighting for independence. The South has lots of Spanish influence.
    So In short it depends where you are in France!

    French people are just like English people,you get friendly and unfriendly. you get snobs and you get slobs.
    Very much the same.



    Depends where you are. I happen to have relatives there and we always feel welcome, Not just the family but everyone we've met they seem to look forward to our next visit.

    I have to disagree with David about the people in the South of France .I work for 6months of the year very close to St Trop and I find the people mainly friendly ,most of the French that I have met have a good sense of humour .I study the french quite a lot and find that they really are like the English in that they all have their own personalities ,take the supermarket for an example ,there are 2 ladies in there that I will not go to as they are so unpleasant ,there are others that are ok and there are some that gush with friendliness and helpfulness ,exactly the same in Tesco supermarket England.

    Been to France many times & find the French people very friendly.

    AS a woman, I found french men to be quite friendly (sometimes a little too much. Lol.)

    I am married to a French woman and she is normally friendly, but like all women she can be a total b...h sometimes. French people have a reputation for unfriendliness but that is probably because many of them don't speak English and most English speakers don't speak French.

    They are no more unfriendly or friendlier than any other people.

    I did not know it was just limited to the French people?

    I'm half French, Half Scots. What does that make me?


    Romantically unfriendly?

    Both of you maybe right! I am a romantic, and unfriendly. Been hurt, difficult to trust.
    I love FBI, MI5, 007, CIA, I like to read it, and write it. NOT do it.

    Only if they are baggage handlers at holiday times.

    Freedom fries anyone?

    they are a very arrogant people, even my French buddies admit it ;-) 

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