How much should i spend on a wedding gift.

    What should i spend on a gift for a friend's wedding?
    I'm really not sure what is considered a fair amount? Is giving away money better than buying a gift?

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    Money, with a nice card.

    Raider_retired 3_29_

    Good question. My answer is last. Check it out and modify it to what you can afford. How about a Thumbs UP (T.U.)! Here is one for your question!

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    If they are very good friends of yours then I would look for a gift on their registry for around $50 and give them $100 or %50 in cash in a card. That depends on what you can afford. If fairly good friend no more than $100-$70 total and if not very good friends a gift on their registry for no more than $50. Cash is never a bad way to go?

    Bob Waffle

    that's exactly what I usually give, "That's Funny"!


    <a href="/users/99/raider8763/">@Raider8763</a> - Good answer, TU. My thoughts actually!!!

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    You got it love!

    if truly meant the currency of thoughts of well being and abundance towards the couple it will far outweigh the price of any gift

    Nothing. Wrap a broken box up very badly and put a very expensive gift card inside from a very, very expensive store. Then hide it behind all the other gifts. Yours will be remembered the most.

    Depends on how freindly you are and how rich you are. If you are going to the wedding the couple usually have a list of gifts they would like. If you just know them sort of casually then not so much.
    If you work on the basis of not feeling mean but not feeling over generous then you prolly have it right.


    Can you quantify?

    Save yer money..statistically it won't last any way.

    Yeah if you are really good friends with the person then i dont think you should worry about the price as much as you would if you were not that close. Also, if you are very good friends you should have a taste of what they like and dont like. Usually they have a list of what they want though. (plates, cups, bowls, etc would be nice.)

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