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    How many people miss TV show M.A.S.H.

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    I had the shirt when I was a kid, It was a very well put together show. It's still on some cable stations now and then.

    papa peg

    I'm to poor to have cable.

    I own the complete series. I love MASH. My brother and I get together once a year and have a MASH marathon weekend. Good times : )

    If you remember Klingers home town restaurant Tony Paco's In Toledo OH, We've eaten there several times very good Hungarian food

    MASH will always be a top rated show I loved it then and still do watch it all the time

    It was a very, very, funny show. My favorite characters were of course Hawkeye, Frank, (what an idiot) and B.J. Many people liked Trapper and Henry, but Charles was witty and Potter was more serious.

    I watch it every night faithfully

    i think i remember hotlips the most.. funny how that works

    We get re-runs everyday on cable here.It was  Hallmark in TV entertainment,that's for sure.

    we still love MASH here too, it often leads to late nights watching satelight TV

    I like mash I remember one show where hawk eye made a bet with trapper that he could walk naked into the mess and nobody would pay any attention   they did so he saluted then left a real hoot !!

    You can always count on *M*A*S*H to make you feel better, it takes you away.......

    I like the movie as well.  Donald Sutherland is still alll that.

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