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    What was your favorite toy as a kid

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    The telephone, making obscene phone calls at night after my parents went to sleep. Brother ratted me out, got an ass beating I still can't forget.

    My brother, sister, and I used to talk on the p.a. and make phone calls to people pretending that we were calling from the local radio station, if they guessed the right one we told them that they won 100 dollars and to go down the radio station to collect.

    You sure could get away with a lot before caller I.D...

    Ah, sweet memories. One day my sister and I got on my dad's "CB" type car phone and didn't let go of the "Speak" button. We sang every song we knew, called it "Morning Music" and even did some commercials. We were waiting for my dad to take us to school. He didn't know what we were doing until the "operator" at the "phone center" (I forget what all this stuff was called back in the 1960's) called to tell my dad to get out to his car and shut down the show. :D
    ed shank

    I remember the CB frenzy although I never got into it. The wife on the other hand would not shut up on the damn radio.

    A fishing rod. Never got tired of using it.



    A doll that had hair that grew,her name was velvet and she had a sister called chrissy.

    i thought i knew all dolls.
    ole hipster

    You don't know this old one! lol (:
    a doll house.

    A rubber fox with a blue suit and a cap on. His name was Foxy.

    Art supplies and now my kiln and pottery wheel.

    I was a terror on my bigwheel, and later my green machine....

    I had a lot of favorites but the one that come to mind now is my pogo stick.  I could lift it off the ground with just my feet and hop down the street, no hands!!!!!  The last time I tried one it just went down and wouldn't move..............


    How cool you had a pogo stick! We never had one, but I got one for my sons....only one of them ever used it. It's in my garage, where I have only been for 18 months. Why did I bring that with me? Because I want to pogo!!!!

    OK, I'll confess......I had Barbie and Ken, Midge and the rest of the gang.  The car (pink convertible....still have the box it came in), and every single outfit.  My mom even made some outfits for Barbie....I still remember a skirt she made, with a little tiny pocket and about 1/2" of rickrack trimming it. The man who owned our little town's toy store (Harry's Toy Store) was the brother of Ross Bagdasarian (Alvin, Simon, and Theodore).  A fellow Armenian, like my dad.  
    Every time there was a new Barbie something or other, Harry would call my dad and let him know....Dad would take us into town to get that (and usually something else....he couldn't say "I love you" but he was generous way past a fault....we were spoiled with stuff, but starved for a kind word or hug......same from Mom).
    My sister called me one day to tell me her home had been robbed.  So many of her nice things were gone (including ALL of her clothing).  Then she told me "the Barbies" were gone. The whole shebang was in a wooden chest my grandpa (who died in the 1940's) had made. The thieves just picked up the chest and off they went.  I was heartbroken.... 


    What a sad, sad story.........
    ed shank

    My God, I thought my wife was talking.

    ed shank: Your wife must be a REALLY terrific person!

    It's OK, Julie. Recognizing what was going on has taken years. We always had what everyone else wanted, but we never had what everyone needs.

    Would you like my Barbies? I collected a few as an adult and a whole mess of clothes. All brand new. May I donate them to you? I'm serious. Just say, yes.

    winfia: are you serious? You could make a fortune on e-bay! Do you have granddaughters who would appreciate them? If you have no other option, absolutely I would cherish them! Please get my email from "Contact us" if you would like to discuss it off-site.

    It is heartbreaking to have someone steal your belongings, I understand and sympathize.

    Thank you sister was attending CSUFresno at the time. One day she saw someone walking toward her who was wearing one of her coats. She had made the coat, so there was no question it was hers. She said nothing....the girl could have purchased it at a yard sale or thrift store.

    Mighty Matilda. It was an aircraft carrier made by Remco in 1961. It had a working elevator, machine gun,planes that could be launched, sailors and crew. For you Aussies out there, it was "mighty", not "waltzing".

    mine was and will always be my ak-47 toy gun,LOVE it and will always do :)


    ""What toy did you have in mind?


    Oh you rascal!

    Gotta be different!

    My three foot doll. (it was a fifties toy). My Grandfather took it and gave it away to someone else's child. He did that with alot of my toys.

    My Tiny Tears Doll. All I have left of her is her head. The original dolls made in the early 50s had rubber bodies (later they switched to vinyl) that disintegrated over the years. I'm still looking for her body on eBay ... some day she'll be a whole person again.

    #1 My bike.

    #2 my football.

    #3 my diecast metal cars.(I still collect them).

    My Roy Rogers gun belt ,also had old rocking horse called it "TRIGGER "Hey I was king of the cowboys .Great memories .You know i still dream of them "days ."Shucks must be getting old.

    A train set then, a dildo now, LOL

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