Should my 12 year old daughter have a cell phone?

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    yes i see plenty of kids younger than that using them, as long as she is responciple and dosen't abuse her privalige, i know the schools frown on them , but on the flip side it's a sence of security knowing you can call her any time as well as her calling you or 911 if ever an emergency how can you put a price on that!


    I like this answer Daren. Especially the part were she could use the cell to call in case of an emergency. TU2U

    Can;t see why not....good for safety issues.But just make sure she knows her limit,when it comes to topping up the credit.

    As an issue of safety I think that cell phones for tweens and teens are almost a nessecity now.. There are no longer pay phones. If your child is in any after school activities and away from you with out supervision she will need to be able to reach you.... AS an issue of self esteem... saddly we do have the think of what other kids have... IN todays world kids are treated baddly if they do not have the technology that others have... They are left out of an intire social group and that group is the majority.

    We take our kids phones at bed time and charge them in the kitchen. They are not allowed to use them at dinner, during clean up or until homework is complete. Our kids are 11 and 15

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