Why do I have to go to work...

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     Dollar You need to work for your own selve respect and provide for a family if you have one!


    Someone has to work to pay my pension, just as when I started work I was paying the pension of those who were retired at the time.

    Those who work for their money learn to spend it more wisely, rather than free handout,and become a lazyidess bumb.

    To provide for yourself and family.

    If you want to SPEND money, you need to MAKE the money first.

    Because you are a lazy bastard & we are all sick of supporting you!

    Be glad you can work if you're healthy there many unable because of incurable diseases!! 

    because you need money and it makes you feel good and you make new friends, your kids are proud of you, your wife is thankful,YOU ARE SOMEBODY !

    To be part of a working society and feeling good with your self.

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