If a person can choose to drink or choose to not drink, then how can alcoholism be a disease?

    I can choose not to get skin cancer of the scalp by always wearing a hat and using sun screen, but skin cancer of the scalp is said to be a disease.

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    you can still get skin cancer , even if you're not out in the sun a lot. It comes from genes and aging.

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    No one starts out having a glass of wine, mixed drink, bottle of beer, or whatever, with the idea of becoming an alcoholic.  No one sits in the sun trying to get skin cancer, either.  Some people are more prone to skin cancer, while some are more prone to becoming alcoholics for any one (or more) of countless reasons.
    I think the key in recovery is first acknowledging and ACCEPTING one is an alcoholic.  The sincere desire to quit drinking has to be strong, and a good support system can go a long way to HELP, but the true cure is going to come from within. 

    alcoholism ??? it is not the easiest of subject to explain,science is still working on it,,doctors are still working on it,,and even family's with an alcoholic in it can not explain it,,and the majority of the public think everybody who drinks too much is an alcoholic,,,and they are the uneducated ones who say,"hey ,if you are an alcoholic just don't drink.alcoholism,drug addiction, pill poppers,cancer,,,they are all things nobody goes and ask's for,,have a look at the website Pythonlover put up,,and SunnyB,you are right ,you will never become an alcoholic if you never drink.i know all this because i am a non practicing alcoholic and have been for the last 31 years,,however for the 16 years of being a drunk, i was envolved in breaking family's and nose's,,in and out of jails and hospitals and psychiatric centre's, then i told by a doctor,the way i was going ,i would be dead within about a month,,2 other guys and myself heard some music from a church,so we went there to bash and rob some Christians,,we walked in and here where these people singing ,dancing ,and smiling..really happy,,my life was about to change,,now i am 30 years down the track,,it was a battle in the early days,today i own a house, i have a wife, and i am getting old,,not bad for someone without a future,and i thank my God for that....................nice talking..................................................................................


    Good going Terry. Congratulations on your ongoing sobriety.
    terryfossil 1

    thanks Python

    Thank you for a wonderful testimony.
    terryfossil 1

    thanks Bob

    Thank you Terry. I appreciate this. My sister was an alcoholic and eventually took her life. I, in many ways, feel that I am the only person who really wants not to brush her disease under the carpet.

    I could never understand why she was so ridiculously nasty to me, in the moment. ... Then showered me with gifts a few days later.

    Paula could not hear that my love for her was unconditional and that I really didn't want the gifts.

    I wanted my sister to understand the beauty that was inside of her and how much she could actually bring to the Earth. The woman was filled with brilliance that she could not see.

    My sister was my best friend. Not because she was very good at it. Because that glorious woman was my sister and I love her... more than life it's self.

    ..."Hey Elephant! ... Close to my heart.".

    That's the part where we blow a kiss and catch each other's.

    My son does that with me now. He does not know what it means.

    I am getting really sappy. The months are moving along to yet one more anniversary.
    terryfossil 1

    hi Fish,,thank you and i am sorry about your my time as a drunk i seen a lot of for your sister likeing you and then not liking you..all very normal for an alcoholic,,my sisters would not let me in the front door if i had been drinking,they would usually just call the cops..but if i was sober ,the door was wide open...when a drunk is drunk.he does not care what he says or does..if he sobers up ,he is usually very sorry with a lot of remorse..that is if he remembers what he done,,from what you said about your sister i am sure she thought highly of you..but it is very hard to live 2 different lives.that is why i say thanks to my God,my life could very easily have gone your sisters way......always nice talking Fish-O

    Always nice talking to you Terry. Thanks.

    Neither of these are really deseaces, they are illnesses that can be avoided by our own actions.


    skin cancer can't be avoided by some people.

    My sister is an alcoholic and went to the hospital with a broken hip. They did her surgery and that night she went into DTs (delirium tremens). Her prognosis isn’t good. I know she didn’t choose to become an alcoholic, she inherited the lack of tolerance my both of our parents had. Alcoholism is a decease in part because it can be passed down……...

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    bit of truth to what you say jhharlan,,a lot of my family are or were alky's.oddly enough only my mother and her mother were female alky' is a little story on my grandfather,,he was alcholic,he got sober for 11 years,then his wife died,he went back to drinking and was dead inside of 6 months..i have a great fear and respect for that first drink..maybe a couple of visits to AA for your sister might be a good start....nice talking Jhharlan......................................

    Thank you terry fossil, unfortunately my sister died last night. Malnutrition and and serious drink. She’d been to AA for a while, my grandfather started the AA group here in Austin, both of our parents were alcoholics, runs in the family . I ceased drinking when she had her seizure. She suffered cardiac arrest…….
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    sorry Julie

    So sorry about your sisters's death, Julie . Didn't see it till a few days after,or a week later.

    Information here >>>

    Plus, alchohol is a man-made invention.So, if it was never discovered, then there wouldn't be alchoholics. But , I think some people just have an addictive personality.And prob would have gotten addicted to something.

    terryfossil 1

    alcohol is not the problem MCM,,the person is the problem,and then the alcohol becomes the problem,,i tried drugs and a few things you have not heard of,,but i remained an alcoholic,,,,nice talking MCM...................

    Thank you for enlightening us,Terry . Congratulations on your long sobriety
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    thanks MCM

    Yes, and those addictive behaviors have been linked to genetics. Plus, environment plays a part.
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    good answer bustieone

    It's easy to play MMQB and give advice. Alchoholism is a disease because it is addictive like smoking. These addicts need professional help.

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    what is MMQB sawali
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    you cannot help someone who does not want the help,,an alcoholic will not ask for help until he or she reaches rock bottom..hopefully they do that before they die..........

    monday morning quarterback
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    sorry mate. know idea of MMQB..quarterback back is a footy player????

    I was wondering too, what MMQB is

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