How long did your craving last after you quit smoking?

    I have not had a cig in a week.... Last time I quit my cravings never went away. I was quit for over a year.... Before that I had quit for 12 years and did not have any cravings after The first week.

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    Cravings are not defined here-- At first cravings are often and intense, after a short period, the cravings become less often and less intense. I don't think that cravings ever go away completely but you will learn to ignore them as they won't have much significance on your life as they do now. The 'Nicodemon' is not as difficult to overcome as some people would say, the key is 'wanting to quit'.  So many people try to quit but deep inside they fight themselves becaause they really don't want to.

    I smoked for many years, I tried to quit many times and failed but one day, someone very important to me embarrassed me by saying that I smelled of tobacco, I stunk!  This to me was very hurting and shocked me into actually wanting to quit..  I stopped immediately, I didn't even have cravings, my will to stop was so strong that 'Nicodemon' didn't have a chance.. I quit then and there, no patches, no support groups, no chewing gum, nothing but strong will.


    That said.. LOL, about 8 years later I started cigars, although I don't smoke much, maybe a couple per week and I can smoke the same cigar for two days.. Outside of course..  My reason for starting back up is because I put on tremendous weight,  When I was smoking, I was trim.. I started te cigars, usually before I eat a meal, it curbs my appetite and i lost almost 30# since I went back (controlled smoking)  I still don't have the 'strong' crave though.. I think cigars are different than cigarettes as in cigarettes I do believe they put chemicals that make you crave.. JMO..

    Good luck, want to and you will succeed..

    im a smoker jenn but if youre wanting to stop i wish you all the luck in the world

    I had cravings for 2 years.

    jenn I quit 14 yrs ago and  every once in a while I will get a craving for a minute or two  and its as strong as I have never quit,  I know that the craving will  be gone in a minute or so    so in answer to the question  you will never be completely free of cravings  just 99.99999999 % free  just remember  its your brain playing tricks on you and it will all pass quickly

    after three days it's phsoligicial.. the rest is just will power....god willing you can do it ann..

    My cravings for cigarettes was still strong after 4 months, I was even following smokers up the street to smell the smoke!! tried programs, hypnotherapy, patches etc,etc but the craving persisted and only stopped when I started smoking again, maybe unhealthy but Im happy. I decided to give up giving up! but good luck and I hope you succeed.


    I never got over the craving for Nicotine. I simply could not exist without it. I tried programs too. I tried everything!
    I don't smoke now ... although I would like to.
    I use Nicorette Gum. It's expensive but won't kill me. I've used it about 15 years.

    Hi Jenn,you just hang in there.I don't really know what to tell you,seeing that i'am a smoker other than to tell you to think about your dad and what you told him(you are going to quit),he would be very proud of you...Or you could get yourself put in jail(NO SMOKING IN JAIL NOW A DAYS),just kidding on the last part.I truely wish you the best...

    WOW, good going so far jenn.  1st  week is  tuff . You need encouragement and strength from your hubby and kids.  Buy a fat free snack and when you get a crave for a cigg, go get the snack. I know you are a strong-willed person , therefore I know that you can quit for good.  Try not to even get just 1 puff in , because 1 puff leads to a 2nd and so on. GOOD LUCK BEAUTIFUL  !!! ...YOU CAN DO IT .  


    LOL my hubby is quitting too... He is an ASS when he cant get what he wants.. Add to that it is an addiction... I am not talking to him very much lately.. I may kill him...

    Hello Jenn! hope you didn't kill your husband yet, However killing smoking could be more difficult,I've use to smoke 25yr ago,now am free from the habit,yes it not easy to quit cold turkey,The way I did was if you can't control a small little stick,how are you going to control anything bigger.Power is no good without control.And yes you haft to stay away from people aggravating you and from anything that will bring the craving,like coffee ext.the key is control it's, or it's will control you. Well wish you the best of luck and my regard for your dad.LOL.

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