Anybody been having trouble with hot mail ????? Logged on.Hot Mail said my account blocked been sending too much mail. Apparently I have been hacked as I may send 6 mails on a good day .I have come to the conclusion that hot mail is garbage .Took 30 minutes to straighten this crap out . I am furious I get 50 spam garbage mails a day they never stop. blocking dont help and they accuse me of sending spam. My advice is dump hot mail !!!!!!!!!!!!! Any body else having this kind of trouble????

    Some how some one has managed to use my hot mail account and my computer to send huge volumes of spam . I have linux and thought I was imune from that .How do they do this ????

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    You probably have caught yourself a Trojan- Hotmail is a pretty good secondary email addy for dropping off at websites but in turn, you gotta receive the spam.. You probably opened one that was an executable, these .exe files can be hidden in what seems to be a perfectly safe email.. Sometimes from people you know because they too have been infected, this is how these things get viral.

    What you will need to do is contact hotmail, they give you this choice when trying to enter a blocked account such as yours, the popup you are receiving from them is because this virus has cracked (hacked) your password and is sending tons of spam out and using your account name as a proxy..
    You need to prove to hotmail that you are indeed the owner of the account -they will ask you simple questions that you decided on when you opened the account such as 'what is your mother's maiden name' etc.. Once they are convinced that the account is truly yours, they will issue a password and then you can get in and change it to what ever you want.. It's not hotmails fault, its the fault of webmail in general. Use a dedicated local email from your carrier ip, its comes with the package.. You can setup MS outlook to receive it.. Much better and much safer..

    Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am back in to my mail and have a new password . I wrote a strongly worded mail to hot mail . I was under the impression that with linux that these virus things were not possible .Guess i was wrong big time .Thank you for your help !!!!!! This is the best answer I have ever seen here . Bill

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    I use yahoo and gmail. I have no issues with either one. I have seen a few people come through here with hotmail issues though. Can't get into account 2 if I remember were blocked.


    I have : Big string ,care2 email ,yahoo ,gmail, hotmail, and most likely several more .Never been blocked before that came as a shock to me .I am nobody just a guy with a lap top and of all the people in the world why me ???? Iam not worthy of any attention at all in the whole scheme of things .And some big time hacker choose me . Why ??????

    They all went to flash and upgraded their security to combat the spamming and theft of e-mail addresses. I know yahoo had to back down on it's security because of that. I got blocked one time after they released the newest version. I had used the e-mail 3X. Got blocked. I sent a message, they apologized, said they were aware of the issue, never had a problem again so I don't count that one time.

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