In your life time can you remember all your dreams.

    If in your life time would you like to remember all your dreams.

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    I remember most of my dreams. Plus I am aware of my dreams when I am dreaming. It's fun. I hate for anybody to wake me up even an alarm clock. I discovered it when I was taking shorthand in high school & and math in elementary school. I always dreamed about what I had learned during day. Then I started programming myself to dream about something and/or finish a particular dream. Sometimes I wrote them down. It is facinating, the human mind.

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    No. Just one that haunts me till today.


    I have talked about it and it gets better until someone mentiones it again. I know how you feel. I am afraid to go into a deep sleep. Its a nightmare!

    One day this will stop when to come to a conscious realization about what haunts you.

    Most of us can't remember the dream we had last night.

    Dreams are not realistic.  They are deleted when I wake up.  My brain stores other important things. 


    Dreams may not seem realistic by definition but they do help sort out what out brain stores in our subconcious mind.

    Strangely enough, but yes I do

    Like Bob I cannot usually remeber the dreams I have had the night before but quickly forgotten - I knew a guy who used to write them down sometimes in the night or upon wakening. JUNG is the guy for dreams. 

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