If everyone is destined to die, why were we put here?

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    It is all about the journey so don't waste one single day.

    To live...........


    My answer exactly!

    To learn. Without this, we would be lazy cherubs in heaven whining that we are bored.


    We will never become cherubs or angels. They are completely separate beings.

    We once were before we got booted out of heaven for being whiny and bored. That's why we are here. So we can learn to appreciate heaven. You listen to men who think they know the answers. I listed to God.

    We live to tend Gods Garden(Mother Earth) and muliplie. We die, because  we have to make room for our next generation and generations to come.

    To live and enjoy our lives till die.


    "purpose driven life" by rick warren.

    ……and all this time I thought of this place as a day-camp for God’s children…..

    I guess that is why life is a mystery.

    We are here as seeds and one day when the planet blows up we might help seed a new planet.


    Thats quite a visual effect Ed

    it's within the realm of possibility. You can't destroy energy

    Exactly mcm, you can not destroy energy. Soul is energy. It can not be destroyed, not even by God.

    We may not be here, it could just be a dream.


    It's all just an illusion. Nothing here is real except for Soul.

    You been drinkin again Y?

    Only our earthly bodies die physically. Our souls go on to Heaven or Hell depending on our belief in our Lord Jesus Christ. True "death" according to the Christian belief is the permanent, final separation from God.


    One can never be separated from God as all are a part of God. Every Soul HAS to return to God as it is attached to Him and that attachment can never be broken. Hell is a figment of the Christian religions imagination. Without all parts of Him returning to Him, God could never be whole. He needs Soul as much as Soul needs Him.

    the bible says there's only one unforgiveable sin that will separate you from God.... and that is " blaspheming the Holy Spirit " some versions say " denying the Holy Spirit "
    ---Don't shoot the messenger

    The bible says a lot of things that just aren't true. The messenger is repeating false tales. I shoot the words, not the person.

    We die because of Adam's sin in the Garden of Eden. Prior to this everything lived for ever and even animals which are carnivorous today ate only vegetation. This period only lasted for a matter of days at most.

    Does anyone really believe this>


    it's just as beleiveable as the theory that all of creation just happended to be here.....that it was an accident and not planned


    Anyone with no knowledge of the truth can believe anything I suppose. I for one do not believe in the whole Adam and Eve "sin" thing.

    i`ve decided not to die.........


    sorry, you don't have a choice. It's where you go after you die that you are able to choose. Up or down. Me, I prefer UP

    Actually bowsley will never die as Soul can not die. He's more correct than you are.

    In an interview-in the late 90s with Martin Bashar, Micheal Jackson said the same thing. He said, '' I'm not going to die ''

    in a way i hope colleen is correct but i dont really wont to meet micheal jackson.

    I don't want to meet Micheal jackson either. Ick.

    It says in the bible we were put here b/c God was lonely and it says the reason we are here, is to glorify God. The late-great Ronald Reagan said, " I find that if i have a question, or a problem, I can almost always find the answer in the bible.''

    Because after God made the soil and the rains and all that, He said, "Now I need someone to work the land" So, he created man, and then woman to help man. It's all in the first chapter of the Bible. Eve means " mother of all mankind "


    Some man said that, not the bible. As much as you want to believe the bible is alive and breathing and can talk, it can not. It houses words of men. Some good, some bad, some with an agenda. God's words are everywhere, they are not trapped in a book. We are here to learn and grow and experience. If our sole reason was to glorify God, He'd be here for all to see and live where the Pope lives and in just as grandiose a fashion as the Pope does. God is glory, He does not need to be glorified. He's it already.

    Its just an oasis in our travels, nothing to get excited about.  Rest, drink, enjoy then get on with your travels.

    My votes go with mycatsmom, nanbarb, and Benthere.  
    I believe our bodies die, but our souls live forever.  Some will go to Heaven; some won't. 

    I couldn't find accomodations on the moon.

    I suppose we shall find out the answer in the next chapter of our being. Stay tuned!

    Correct answer is heaven that is...

    it's a gift from God.  And like any other gift, hope you enjoy it.

    To learn and grow living in a world of adversities, which aren't present in heaven, or on the "other side:.

    Otherwise we could not die!

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