you say my pass word is wrong, i only have one password'

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    We've told you no such thing. You've come to the wrong site for this. This is akaQA.


    Apparently we are responsible for everything web related .They must think we are the internet fix all people . The man behind the curtin blowin smoke like the wizard of OZ.Got a problem ???? Just contact the internet people at akaQa we are customer service for the world . LOL This is too funny !!!!!!!! I am going to be BAD SANTA !!!!!!!!!!!! When you log in and dont get it right red letter message comes up and says invalid this person thinks we are responsible for that message .LOL If only that were true .

    on the bottom of the log in look for lost password reset password forgot password  click there follow the prompts and type the one password you use and follow the prompts .then go to your default email and click on the link they sent now your password should work . Every one should have a second email just for times like these

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