i forgot my password..please help me

    my email address is

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    This article explains the Yahoo! policies regarding password recovery, and

    outlines the steps to recover it.


    If you are unable to access your account due to an "Invalid Password" error

    message, you may have to request a new password. Before using the online

    password request form, please take a look at the following common causes of

    "Invalid Password" messages:

        * Passwords are case sensitive (meaning that "PASSWORD," "PaSsWoRd,"

    and "password" are not equivalent), so be sure to keep this in mind when

    entering your new password.
        * If you have recently obtained a new password, please wait a period of

    24 hours before attempting to access your account. This will allow our

    system to update and recognize your password.
        * Yahoo! IDs generally do not contain spaces, but many users register

    IDs that include the underscore "_" instead of a space. Please confirm that

    you are using the correct Yahoo! ID.

    If you are confident that the instructions above do not apply for your

    situation, you will need a new password. To request a password online,

    please return to the login screen; click Forget your ID or password?; and

    follow the instructions below:

       1. Enter your personal information and Yahoo! ID; and click Get New

       2. Click Email New Password to receive your new password at the

    alternate email address listed on your Yahoo! account or answer your

    password Challenge Question to display the new password immediately on your


    If your alternate email address has changed (and you currently do not have

    access to your account), Yahoo! Customer Care will update your account

    information if you supply the information requested below. For security

    reasons, you must match the verification information exactly as it was

    entered during your initial registration.

    Please send all of the following:

       1. Yahoo! ID
       2. Date of birth (mm-dd-yyyy)
       3. ZIP/Postal Code
       4. Country
       5. The alternate email address that is currently listed
       6. Your new, desired alternate email address if it needs to be updated

    (please note that this address cannot be a Yahoo! Mail address)
       7. Challenge Question and Secret Answer (if applicable)

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