for what we go to school

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    Learn grammar would be a good start for you.

    Basically to learn language, literature, science, math, history.  And also learn to respect other people, to help others, to contribute to the society, to live peacefully with others.  Last but not the least, to learn to ask sensible questions, not to make grammatical and typing mistakes.

    It is the law of the USA.  Mainly to get a paid baby sitter for kids.  Sometimes we learn things. 

    I am right to a point.  We were taught to read, write, math, science, history, etc.  We learn how to get along with others and different social groups.  It is when you grow up with people of your own age and how to live in the world without parents always guiding you at each turn.  You should learn to make decisions and how the world works. 

    It is painful and fun at the same time.


    Many people in America have gone to school and still can't read and write properly.  They therefore are unable to get good jobs.  In this day and age when there are hardly jobs available, would you want to grow up with the possibility of not having any kind of job, let alone a meaningful one?.




    Good comment Chiang.

    School familiarizes students with many subject . It teaches students how to learn a subject and a little bit about its application. Grade school does not teach what is taught in college because if children were instructed at the college level they would be overwhelmed with its demands and complexity. School gives a student the tools needed to go further in the educational process.

    Their has been experiments in education that were devise around the idea of pouring an education into a child’s brain at the subconscious level. But having no idea how the brain stores information, these efforts achieved mixed results and in some cases, disastrous results.

    I went because i like girls, there's lots of girls at school.. I'm not allowed to go to school anymore to chase girls and besides, my wife said i had to stop doing that.  i met her at school too! :)  I might have learned something along the way too, not really sure..

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