Ladies, honestly what qualities do you look for in a man? Men what qualities are you looking for in a woman?

    I'm just wondering what's important to women?
    Thank you for your honesty, I think this will be an interesting question. I changed the question to include what men are looking for in their women also. If you get a chance arrange them in importance to you: 1) Personality etc.? but either way is fine. Thanks.

    Anyone feel free to answer this if you'd like.

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    Definately lack of an anger problem and a need for a strong family and God relationship.

    Well sharing common interests gets you a lot further than looks in the long run. Intelligence is a bonus . A great conversation goes a long way, just try not to spend a whole lot of time convincing the woman that you are a great great gets boring. Needy and or pushy is a tell tale sign to run the other way.Being financially stable is important, but for me, being wealthy means nothing. I just don't want to be with a man who wants to be kept. I think a man that has confidence without arrogance is sexy as well as nicely dressed and groomed. I don't expect a three piece suit but clean and tidy. Heaven forbid ...please men, do leave the socks and sandals at think a man that doesn't rely on the "What do you want to do?" is a relief, shows he is creative. A planned date, open to ideas, is a great way to get things started.Please I huge release of gas from any extremity would be's really not funny to us, that can come later if need be. For goodness sake call the next day or in a couple days to at least let us know you enjoyed yourself and want to meet again. Be honest if you are dating other women as's nice to know your honest and gives us a choice.Just be who you are...eventually the true you will be exposed.Sucks for both if you have given her a false you in order to impress her. I am sure I could go on but this should be good. Hope it helps.


    Great answer mom thanks, If you think of more don't be shy to add it in later, had a lot of good stuff, I laughed about gas part as well.

    What am I looking for???? Someone who can see right through me and still enjoys the view. Be nice if she could waltz . Theres more but this is a start !!!!!!

    Someone you can trust, you can talk to, a good listener, makes you feel special, know he loves you and is handy, fixing things around the house.

    <a href="/users/1635/leeroy/">@leeroy</a> - I like a man that's trustworthy, when a man loves you he treats you with respect. A man with a sense of humor that doesn't take life so seriously. Also, a man with compassion, and a good heart. Money is not my main concern, but, if he have some money it does help!!!



    <a href="/users/1635/leeroy/">@leeroy</a> - I think you need to reread my response. The attributes I mention, what I like in a man, had nothing to with money, as a matter of fact money was the last on the list. Paid close attention to the attributes...trustworthy, respect, sense of humor, compassion, a good heart, not my main concern!!!


    Good answer t.u.. I think some men can stereotype women into the as gold diggers. In my experience women tend to want stability and security, but these attributes don't only belong to men with money necessarily.

    Although I have been on many, many large yachts in my time and 9 times out of 10, the owner no matter what they look like, has a beautiful woman under their arms. So there are some gold diggers, but I know most women are looking for reliability and just in general a good man.


    A yacht is a hole in the water that you pour money into. Girls, If the man you are looking at has a yacht…he should be avoided as immature and stupid. A real wealth symbol is that he owns a home and is in support group programs as a supporter, has a steady job or business and has a mother near by who adores her son.

    A good man should be kind, communicate well, respectful, have a great sense of humor, work hard toward his goals, get along easily with others, be chivalrous without being clingy, have his own interests and hobbies, but be interested in hers as well, limit his jealousies, have confidence without arrogance, be intelligent and have common sense. He should never be rude or loud or constantly the center of attention. He should have good hygiene and care at least somewhat about his appearance (without seeming vain). He should be willing to negotiate when it comes to disagreements, and recognizes that he and his partner have an equal say in their relationship. He should let go of grudges. He should never have to be told to pick up after himself or help around the house or with the children (eventually). He should realize that his partner had a life before him and embrace his partner with all of her goods and bads (as should she accept his). He should tell her she's beautiful and make her feel loved and not just lusted after. He should never waste her time in the beginning of a relationship if he senses it will not last. He should be open-minded enough to be easy to live with, but hold enough values and stand by the ones he feels strongly about. He should always strive to make himself better (as should we all).

    I am so lucky to have found a man who is all of these things and more!

    Being a Marx brothers fan my woman doesn t mind be chased around the house and honked at



    Good one, I think most women don't liked to be honked at, but that's usually when your in a car. What do these guy's expect the woman to get a sharpie and piece of cardboard and write their number on it??? Thumbs up.

    Glad I don't have to think about that question again. Asked it to myself many years ago and found the right answer and the right person.
    "love is all you need. it makes my world go round" beatles

    I like someone who is intelligent, creative (musician, artist, etc.), and has a sense of humor. Being physically attractive doesn't hurt either.

    Good sense of humor.Pretty good looking.And 2 leg's.

    Honesty!!! I can pretty much work with my man on any issue...but I have to have all the pieces...Half truths are not truths at all. In order for things to progress in a relationship one has to be willing to lay all their cards on the table, and not hide behind inner walls or false versions of who they really are.
    Someone you love, and they love you back. That's all that matters.
    gentle and caring, loyal, trustworthy, intellectual/wise who is desireable and desires you and makes you feel special...brings love and laughter in your life...a person you can love effortlessly!!!
    the quality i look for in a man is someone who's got manners and knows how to be faithful and honest and someone who don't have sex on the brian 24 7. someone who is kind hearted and shows you lots of love and attetion.
    I look for sensitiveness and innocence as well as physical attractiveness. They all have to be present. Loud, self-esteemed, or large women are major turn offs.
    warm, responsive, not dead from the neck down

    I'm lesbian...


    Then what are you looking for in a woman?

    All I can say is that I'm not sure. Just take 'em as it comes, I guess.

    Hmm. There level of pervertedness. Like it has to be just the right amount. I like being able to reject them if i know they want it. :P but that's just me and my mindset. :)

    from a mans veiw...frist it would ..personality..honesty..looks..culcer..if you have got that lot yove got everthing.

    I'd like a single, Christian man who complements (not compliments ) me.  I'm like a puzzle with some pieces missing.  He's the missing pieces.  And vice versa.

    I always say I want to be, and so I'd want him to be also.....healthy in mind, body, and spirit.

    It would be a plus if he were attractive to my eyes, pleasant to my friends and family, confident without being arrogant or cocky.  Even-tempered, non-judgmental, has a well-developed sense of humor, doesn't swear alot.

    Sharing activities is important, but not being dependent on each other and having to be together all the time.  He shouldn't be secretive about anything (except a gift or surprise he has planned for me :D ). 

    Dependable, trustworthy, all the things that make a boy and EAGLE SCOUT. 

    Most of all, I'd want to really LIKE him and for him to really LIKE me.  Also, sex should be dynamite and frequent.

    The like is always attracted unto its like.  One is always attracted to a like person.  Who one attracts or chooses is always a reflection of what is in one, this is the magnetism of natiure.  Like Nature attracts like nature.  This is natural law.

    Some oft make lists of qualities of their preferences, the problem is when they find such a person, that person may also be looking for a perfect person and neither will find.   It is thus one with such a selfish attitude is simply courting dissappointment and will most likely miss the right one.

    So simply be honest and if your heart is true the right person will come, without all the shallow fuss and you will know them.  Trust in the Good to bring you your hearts desire.  ;-)   

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