Do you respect the police? Last year the number of deaths among police officers went up 40%, it's already higher this year, why do you think this is?

    Is it a matter of respect of authority, MTV? You've heard that old popular son F--- THE POLICE?

    Why does it seem like society and are youth are getting more violent? Any guesses welcome.

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    I have respect for the law and those who enforce it. There are however bad cops who throw a dark light on all law enforcement officials. In my town, we have a great police force. They are all professionals and I give them kudos for it. 2 towns over, twice in less than two years, they had to arrest one of their own. One for physically assaulting a woman. I'm not sure but I think I respect more those officers I know and am leery of the ones I do not know. Seeing how many bad cops there are, I'm not so sure it's advisable to trust all police officers like I was taught when I was young. On the other hand, I know how difficult it's becoming for all who serve as officers since most towns and cities across the US are cutting the number of officers due to budget problems. This is just going to make more angry, tired, frustrated officers in my opinion.

    Society is getting more violent because of a lack of patrol cars and police visibility. Youth are running wild because of lack of supervision with both parents working. That and there's the whole "is the world coming to an end" fear factor going on. Our economy sucks, the jobless rate is up and the government continues to lie and say we're not in a recession. The people are scared and angry and just don't care anymore. Again my opinion.

    I don't know about you, but the local news in Miami had several police shootings in a matter or a month. I don't get it? People are just getting out of control. I suppose they figure they'd rather die than go back to jail?

    The dramatic increase shows how much more violent our society is getting, and we are getting there in leaps and bounds. Is it because of a lack of morality? One can only guess, but It seems to be happening much faster than in the past.

    It's just sad to see cops getting killed, just trying to do their jobs. Imagine going to work and knowing it could be your last day on this Earth. Well that really is the reality of us all, but much more so with cops.

    I respect anyone who puts their life on the line everyday for the betterment of society. As we all know, every profession has good and bad people, but I have plenty of friends who are cops and the good far outweigh the bad. Thanks to all of you.


    Yes, me too. Many of my high school friends became cops and are really good people who care.

    I may catch some flak for this but its a answer I believe has a lot to do with police getting killed on duty The Police are percieved to be a bunch of thugs who act and intamadate people they are quick to shoot 1st and cover up there is nothing to police the police if your arrested for something you may be killed for making a move that is considered to be life threatening to them, They do their jobs dressed not as police officers byt as stormtroopers I truly believe that police dept.'s are percieved to be a bunch of thugs.

    When I was a kid police officers were respected not feared as they are today. I will be the 1st to say to all We need the police as a society and yes theirs is a extremely dangerous job , and not all police officers are bad . But the old adage of When your good none remembers when bad none forgets.
    Again they do a dangerous job and deserve all the support they can get but they also need to remember they work for the public and they like anything needs to be held accountable for their actions


    This is what really pisses me off when I see some cop's doing stuff that if they didn't have a badge on they wouldn't be doing. 4 instance not stopping at a red light. Some turn their red lights on, go through the intersection then turn them off. If questioned they will claim that they were on a emergency call, yea right. Maybe they were part of the time, but I would say the vast majority of the time they weren't!

    I respect police officers that do their jobs.In our city some do and some don't.


    t.u. thanks papa, I guess no one wants to talk about it? That's cool. I appreciate your input.

    I respect the police a lot. Some people bitch about them, but they sure R nice to have around when U need one, huh? I was in the military with people shooting at me. Until something like this happens to U I would keep your mouth shut! Personally they don't get paid enough with all the crap they have to put up with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    No, I don't.



    Like them?, not really. Respect them?, yes.

    Take your job you have your good workers and then you have your bad workers and if no one complaints about the bad workers they stay working there & make things hard for everyone,the same with police officers you have your good & bad cops and if you don't complaint about the bad cops they stay on the force i know after so many write ups they are suspened or taken off the streets or release from the force but you have to take the time to go down to the dept and file a complaint but make sure you are right in your complaints i have seen where a police officer had pull over a car and the officer is still in his car and the person he pull over is already out of there car screaming at the officer also i seen where people would get right in the face of an officer yes they are here to serve and protect us but they also have to protect there selfs try to picture your city with no police officer?

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