If you could gain anything in the world by selling your soul to the devil, would you? What would you ask for?

    Do you think he might trick you like in the movies, could you trust that he would hold up his end of the bargain, would it be worth the risk? Do you think it is possible to do this in reality?

    If you don't believe you have a soul, what do you have to loose? Just wondering it's a fun question.

    I was wondering if anyone has been to the cross roads at midnight to see if anyone shows up?

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    Not even if they threatened to kill me or if they did.

    I could not sell what I dont own. I gave my soul to God 30 years ago. When the dev reminds me of my past I remind him of his future

    The devils greatest trick is convincing people he doe not exist!!!!!! Albuquerque is full of idiots looking for this kind of deal you should find fishing for souls easy picking in rednecastan New Mexico arm pit of the southwest. I am not interested !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The devil and death work overtime here full time job for reapers ,small time demons and the devil very busy every day. Albuquerque is one giant dung heap full to the brim with child molesters drunks wife beaters corrupt government officials and pecker-woods of every stripe color and kind, bring a bus you are welcome to all of them including my ex girlfriend worthless whore .Give her a sweet spot by your hottest fire !!!!!!!!!!


    At last! You have flushed him out. Do you mean, Leeroy is the devil? Or is it you, pretending you are not the devil...haa, haaaa?


    <a href="/users/4843/bluesman1951/">@bluesman</a>, have you ever eaten at the restaurant at the top of the mountain, near the ski lodge? The food was o.k. wasn't really worth the tram ride. What was worth it was the view from up there. Went hiking in Santa Fe, beautiful mountains there(found some clam shells fossils at the top of the mountains, over 10,000 feet up.) Lots a good hunting in the area mule deer, elk, etc..

    I went to the Indian ruins, and the rock mounds with Indian carvings. Also went to tent rocks, it's like a mini grand canyon. So besides the people do you like the area? It's pretty diverse.

    Leeroy - It is not a funny question, it is a seed thought, mind clutter planted in others. Unfortunately it came to you subliminally, disguised as a joke. You did not recognize it for what it was. You must be a young one with no mind focus as yet; scattered. But there are many of some mature of body who yet remain in this state, therefore you are not alone in this. But be of good cheer you are young and its how we creatures learn, before awareness, and the acceptance of the true self; the Soul. For it is more often than not, it is by the hardway we discover the reality of the Soul and its purpose. May God Bless your journey, with understanding. ;)


    No not really young or old, I have plenty of serious questions on this site, just wanted to see what and how people would answer this question. Thank you for you kindhearted answer though.

    A pot of gold, LOL!


    So you wouldn't rather try to find one at the end of a rainbow? Ha, ha.


    Yeah, got yeh. Golden Fiddle.


    I said this leeroy because of a song. Do U remember "the Devil went down to Georgia" by Charlie Daniels?


    Yeah, You're right, golden fiddle is right. Not a pot of gold


    Yeah that's what it was, not a pot of gold.

    nothing's worth losing the only valuable thing that I know there to be.. otherwise the devil wouldn't want it.

    i would ask to swap places with and become the devil....then i would be nice to every one and the devil would no longer be scary and people would have two choices god or the might make god lift his game and try abit harder..

    10 VIRGINS....JUST JOKING THERE IS NOTHING I would consider trading for my soul it belongs to JESUS

    Nahhh, not worth it. The risks are too great. BUT........if I DID sell my soul to Mr D I would ask for eternal life, health and riches. This way he can NEVER COLLECT. ;)

    I've been to the crossroads and back! Wouldn't sell my soul to the Devil for anything as I don't believe in the Devil. (You know...the old "Hell on Earth" theory!)


    Hipster, you are a wise woman, I really like your insight! I hope you will do some more research on neat death experiences, I do believe that there is something after this crappy place, I would like to see you in Heaven and hang out with you in the after life, Ha ha. But seriously, check into it, I believe those stories have merit.


    Thanks sweetie.

    ole hipster

    Thanks Leeroy for your very nice opinion...I will check into the "near death experience" thingamajig...might give me some room for new thought! See you (hopefully) in the afterlife my friend

    the hollywood stars can answer that one and the rest of famous people , you only have to go to famous freemasons exposed on the net i just found out you be surprise ...

    Interesting question, leeroy. The only time and chance that I would ever sell my soul to the devil would be under these conditions:

    1. He must free all the other cheated souls in exchange for mine,

    2. Kill himself,

    3. And remove all the bad things he has planted in this world.

    You know, I don't think he would agree, but it's worth a shot.

    How can you sell your soul to yourself....

    There is a devil in everyone of us, we either dance with them (or not)...


    Indeed, Intro, the devil is the product of all the dark ignorant thoughts and deeds, collecting in the ether realm since mans beginnibg. It is called "the Ferrene Substance" pure evil as there is no good in it. It is generated and nurtured by ignorance, which is its dark body and it is become Conscious. Conscious of it self It feeds on the dark Ferrene poison of mens dark thoughts, causing like an addition, to such thinking, that it may continue to survive. It needs men for this. This is truely the greatest of Vampires. :(

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