Tattoos? Like em or not? Is there such thing as to many? Are there different rules for men and women?

    Tattoos, so many young people and not so young people have them now a days. Do you think they are here to stay or not? Do you think they are sexy? How will they look in 50 years, will they stand the test of time and gravity? Why do you get them, or why don't you? Do they hold special meaning to you or just look cool? Who knows where the first tattoo came from?

    Are there certain areas on women and other areas on men that are the rule, so to speak? When are they sexy and when do they just turn you off?

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    Interesting question here is a Thubs up for you! If my answer helps you at all, I'd appreciate one too!


    What a question! I can't wait to read the answers.

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    Ppl have been tatooing peircong and branding themselve forever... So it cant exactlly be called a fad... the type of art work or the synamanet may have evolved


    good point

    I got a tattoo when i was sixteen (i'am now 56)and i was so scared to show my mom knowing that she would not be pleased,so i hid it from her for week's(it was on my upper arm),then one day she saw it as i was getting dressed.Long story short is she was pissed but i did'nt get my ass beat seeing that it was a tat of a heart with the word MOM in the center of it.It's the only one i have and will ever have.Love my mom...

    I have a friend who is going to the max. amount of ink that one can have placed one one's body.  He has a serious amount of tatoos including places that you wouldn't want to think about.  I can't remember the percentage exactly ... believing he said somewhere in the 90th. percentile.  I will say that the inside of his bottom lip is arted up and his skull and a lotta lotta other places.  He is a work in progress.


    He's an art lover or .... .....?
    90th percentile. Unbelievable.

    I love tats on both men and women. There was a woman in her 8th month of pregnancy who wore a strapless light pink gown as a bridesmaid in a big wedding. She had med-dark skin and the tattoos were beautiful and all over her back and round, firm arms. I'll always remember how she looked.

    The men I see who have tats are usually good looking or rough looking. The women seem to go by that too.

    I have never seen tats on an old woman and I'd really rather not. I've seen them on old men and they make me smile. Men just don't have to be purty. They can look like Popeye and all is swell.

    I hear ya LEEROY. Woman with arm tattoos are a BIG TURN-OFF. I believe tattoos on women should be in close proximity to their "fun areas".

    Then again, I'm a PIG. :)


    You are saying what art you admire on a woman. That's not a pig.

    Well only thing for certain is that things change and tatoos as a fad will change also just as fashion trends change so will tattoos

    Did you ever see that guy who they showed on TV? His whole body was covered in tats, face and all...freaky but he was an entertainer...I forget his name...anyway, to each his own. Saw your answer daren1....I remember a saying from my youth and at the time of Woodstock..."whole lotta' freaks, man, whole lotta freaks" Back then it pretty much meant you were cool!

    You might be talking about the tiger man, or something like that, the guy who wants to look like some sort of cat?

    Seriously who cares? Disfigure your own body as long as you want to and hope that mother nature or a serious health condition or accident cannot do the same


    Wow ... hipster. Too true. Then there was the woman who had a tat over her mastectomy scar.

    I think tattoos are Ok.But they don't look good anymore when your whole body is covered.


    Papa, I like some tattoos, but it gets hard to tell where one ends and the other begins sometimes. I am an artist and paint on canvas most times. If you get one or many pay the extra money to get a good tattoo artist, I think that's the ticket.

    Here to stay and they get ugly when skin gets old!


    lol, I just saw your comment.


    Then to say ... The skin itself gets ugly when it gets old.

    I know the oldest found human frozen in Switzerland is dated to 60,000 years old. He has tattoos on his body. I believe there will and and tattoos have been apart of our culture for eternity. The reasons why people get them various. I do not particularly like them on woman I date unless there is just one small one that can be easily cover up with normal close.

    Like said above, it's not a modern tradition, it's actually ancient.

    You can always get a job in a circus. So get as many as you want.
    To me tattoos are memories of people you lost or the things you dont wanna forget, you shouldnt judge people if there covered in them it shows that they have lived and dont care about other peoples views. Who cares if they get all faded you get them touched up.
    it all depemds
    i knew this "freak" he had 37 spider tattoos on his head alone...creepy

    Crazy guy, huh?

    total creep
    I have no tats, but the talent to create such an art form always amazes me. As far as women with tats, I would prefer less than more. I wouldn't want to be distracted by the beauty of a woman's body by a tattoo.

    I don't want to offend any women with this, but I don't think that the tattoo's on the bicep or upper arm are attractive or sexy, I saw a woman at the grocery store with a full sleeve tattoo and it just didn't appear sexy to me it seemed to masculine? Is that just me or do other guys agree?


    I hear ya. Woman with arm tattoos are a BIG TURN-OFF. Tattoos on women belong in close proximity to their "fun areas" ;)


    Ooops, converted that to an answer Leeroy, sorry.


    LMAO, I'm still laughing,t.u. I agree, I like them in certain areas on women, but please ladies,don't do the arms.


    I am not sure that this has anything to do with the original question...see Bif Naked.

    I got a Tattoo of the cartoon character Yosemite Sam on my right arm when I was 19 and in the NAVY. I'm 55 now and still don't regret getting it. I DO tend to get turned off by those people that completely cover their faces with tattoos but otherwise I support body art.


    I had a buddy who got a Tattoo on his backside. He had the letter "M" tattooed on each cheek.

    When he bends over it spells MOM. :)


    They have come a long way in the last 20 years or so.


    That's a good one TSC, very funny!


    TSC - one way or t'other it spells WOW.

    ive got  DNR on my shoulder if that helps

    Tattoos are okay if done right.  I'm thinking of getting one myself soon...something small and tasteful.  Any ideas?

    tattoo's are usually a self imposed brand ,probably a cry for recognition, notice,or culture, a certain part of society are lead like sheep following the Judas goat down the road of their demise, test of time or test of sanity is a better question.


    "a certain part of society are lead like sheep"

    Sounds like you're saying getting a tattoo is like believing in the bible :p

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