If all the Christians suddenly disappeared off this site would you be happy?

    You know people........ this Bible bashing is getting out of hand. If some one were talking about Gays, or Blacks, or even women, you would get knocked off of the site. Could you just be a little more understanding to people who are different than you? That goes for the Christians too, please be civil everyone! Some day soon all the (real Christians) will disappear in the blink of an eye, and taken up to Heaven...........................................then you won't have to deal with us anymore! It just seems like the people preaching tolerance are the same ones bashing others. Is it tolerance only for your views?

    It really seems like a touchy subject to some people, I always try to answer a negative question as gently as possible, but sometimes get a little to defensive, so if i have upset anyone I apologize..

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    Leeroy, it's a website. Don't take it so personally. People come on here to share their opinions whether you agree with them or not and vice versa. It's not meant for people to get offended, if you don't like it, don't read it ...again :)


    that would be called the rapture


    Well the intelligence level would certainly increase. No more fairy tales, and bible thumping.


    No, Chritians are a lot of fun. They say really funny stuff and are very entertaining.


    THANK YOU ASH, I appreciate it


    That was great Angie gave you a couple of thumbs up, thank you, you are great.


    Don't be discouraged. We are defined by the persecution that we bear and in this day and time, it's not so bad. I put up with that and a few of the other problems: being black, female, and Christian. I would like to think that you and I must be doing something right if we are having to defend our beliefs. Remember, being a Christian is not supposed to be pleasant all the time. Persecution is part of the struggle. Be thankful that you are in a country that allows you to exercise your freedom of religion. Stand firm on what you believe and never waver. GOD is proud of you, Lee roy.

    I would be happy if ALL religion disappeared - there would be a lot less war on this planet!

    Common misconception Katzi. But thank you for your opinion.

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    I believe chritians are entitelt to theire own beliefs. I dont have a problem with that. and would not think about challenging them, because of what they believe.  

    <a href="/users/2217/daren1/">@daren</a>, gave you a thumbs on your reasoning. I don't understand how so many on this site and in the world, put every Christian into the same negative category. That we are all brainwashed, my pastor always says to go home and do the research yourself, be a free thinker.

    It's just intolerant bigotry, and closed mindedness. I don't take a bad experience with a few individuals and condemn the entire group. I can't see the brain in other peoples heads, but I have faith that they have one, even though they many not use it to much.

    Just because you cant see God, doesn't mean he doesn't exist.




    Leeroy, thats a very good point. I agree withh you.

    Thanks Umbriel, I've used a similar analogy with some people, jokingly of course. I've said,"I can't see God, but know He exists. Similarly I can't see someones brain, but in most cases I'm pretty sure they have one." Lol.

    Don't worry leeroy i'f JESUS comes tonight.I'll be right there along side you.



    Cool, hopefully we can hang out with some of the famous Bible characters. I'd like to have a long talk with John and ask him about Revelation. Lol.
    papa peg

    Just think we'll have a long time too get too know every one.

    I do not normally answer questions related to relegion, but I think it would be nice if we ALL could stop bashing EVERYONE.


    good answer flip lol

    Thank you Flip!

    This far to heavy for me to even anwser, it is a good question but this way over my head!


    Well you are just lovely and that is good enough for me!

    fish girl you a lovely person as well thank you for your sweet comment xxx

    The differences in people's race, religon, where they live, sexual orientation, etc. is what makes this web site so great. "Learning" is the ability open up your mind and listen to the thoughts and opinions of others.


    Always teaching my friend. Don't tell my wife that I am wise, I need to play the helpless husband at times. Ha ha!


    True Coach, you are a wise man. Wisdom is priceless.


    O.k. make sure she stays off this site, otherwise she may get wise.

    Yes if we were to sundenly vanish from this world.It not by the work you did or all the good charity,you might given all that you have ,but Jesus said go away I never new you! It is by accepting what Jesus did for you,and not viseversa.when will people come to understand that we all fall short of his Glory.You don't haft to try to save yourself Jesus did this 2000yr ago so relaxe my freind,were all going to meet him,MY only fear is when JESUS  come people that still refuse to believe,wil be like an insult to His Father in Heaven.For the precious blood that Jesus gave us was as made vain for us sinner.Therefor calling God a LIAR.

    Well Leeroy GOD willing hope it will be tonight.

    What a dumb-ass question. Turn the table; what if agnostics and anti-God types disappeared....

    Be assured of one thing, the day is coming when true Christians will be removed from this planet. Not by the forces of evil, but by the hand of God. When this event occurs, rest assured planet earth will become a living hell.

    God bless.


    IF agnostics and anti-GOD types disappeared, there would still be other types of sin to contend with. They aren't the only ones in the world that need the LORD.

    yes id be very happy only cause i know i'll be going with them, only through faith in christ jesus. not because somthing i did. on the flip side my heart goes out to those left behind. just cause you dont see somthing dosen't mean its not real. we cant see the air we breethe.yet we know it there.we cant see electricity but we see what it produces.what if christ were black would we have a hard time accepting him then? what if he was jewish he was jewish maybe thats another bigotet reason we refuse to accept the truth. if god accepts us just the way we are whyyyy cant we accept each other and our selfs just the way we are???


    Always preaching and judging...just the way Jesus would have wanted it. Daren, you know that you can just talk on this site right?



    I believe a balance of power is always needed, be it good, bad or indifference. This affect every area of life and what makes the world go around.

    What good is one without the other. Such as, Love/hate, Truth/Lie, Believe/Non-Believer, Agree/Disagree, and list goes on and on.

    The administrators developed this website with the idea of "freedom of speech" in mind. We all have a chance to have our say about many issues every day. When does "freedom of speech"  get abused, that's for each of us to decide. I for one do not appreciate it when people try to tell me I will go to hell (or any of uncomfortable place) because I do not believe in their God, or read their bible, or believe what their bible has to say, etc. etc. etc.  Somebody forgot to tell me that it was required reading. I have my own thoughts on such things, and do not intend to change my mind because someone thinks they can beat it into my head that I am wrong. Here again, as I have said regarding other issues on this forum, we need to maintain control of "our opinions" when there are other people who do not appreciate them as much as we do ourselves.  

    I believe we all need to start being a little more tolerant of others. If someone is being attacked on any front, be it religion or otherwise, it will not be tolerated and people will be warned about it or suspended if they refuse to change their ways.


    well said 6dogs

    I think it's time we had a few Muslims, Buddhists, Confucianists, Taoists, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, Jainists, Zoroastrians on the site, which is to heavily dominated by Chrisitians and atheists.

    Come on guys share your beliefs with us!

    I am not a Christian but I can honestly say that I have never in my life felt like I have had to "deal with them" as you say.  I know a lot of Christians.  I live in a very Christian community and I enjoy it.

    I can say that sometimes it seems as if people are ganging up on you.  It happens a lot and especially to those who follow a path that others don't follow.  You are lucky...there are many Christians...Both of my daughters were told by Christian children that they were going to go to hell because they were not Christian.  It terrified them as they were very young at the time.  We are not without a belief system and we don't believe in hell but this doesn't mean that we are not good and we are not does not even mean that we don't believe in God.  We just don't believe in hell.  We believe in the journey and that God is the goodness in your soul and in the Universe.  (Now you may be wanting to argue with me).

    If there are people who don't believe what you believe then leave them to it or read what they have to say with an open mind.  Religion is not something that people should fight over or argue about.  For every person on this earth there is a plethora of opinion attached...maybe that is a good thing.  It sure does make life interesting.


    well said xxx
    Well if they disappeared just off this site, the answer is no. But if you are talking about them disappearing off the earth, then yes I would be happy I would no longer be here I would be taken up in the rapture......

    Well, there seem to be two main topics on here, relig and sex. No one seem to like the racists so they are out, If the Christians leave that just leaves the sex questions. No one likes that on here so what else is there. And as it's already been said. Nothing is meant to be personal. You don't have to read those questions and you don't have to answer them either. There are lot's of other forums. Most questions are asked in good faith. Sorry that's not meant to be a punn. Enjoy the site ask some great questions and offer honest answers and you will enjoy it alot more.

    Loving the LORD comes from the person and HE gives everyone the choice of how they wish to serve HIM. HE is even gracious enough to allow you to reject HIM. On the day of reckoning, it is then that we will all be judged. It won't matter what anyone else thinks, just how you were while you were living your life and how you treated HIM during your life. On that note, I find my LORD very gracious to give me a choice on whether I choose to love HIM or not, even though HE gave HIS life for my own. One day each of us will have to face HIM. GOD sent us ONE BOOK on this earth for us to follow. One book that has stood the test of time. The more you study the more you will find it to be true. You've got to remember that Satan is working hard as well, hard to get us to join him when all this is over. Sadly, a lot of us are making this battle easy for him. I urge each and every one to just read your BIBLE and study it. Pray to GOD for strength and the truth. Believe me, if you truly mean it, HE will make sure that you find it. Don't wait till it's all over and you can't do a thing about your soul. Just by you reading this site, there's hope...I am a Christian, a black woman, have been ministering to the community since I was eleven. I live in a racist town where the klan still march. Not so long ago, crosses were burned and the cowards wouldn't admit they did it, but times are changing and EVERYONE has a right to know the LORD, the racist, the races that are treated badly and looked down upon, the people who could do better but choose to be thorn in the flesh to many, GOD discounts no one...I've lived it and stand by it and will help any one that needs me.


    yet more brain washing rubbish,its normal to fight for your home land,and keep ohter out.its not racist,its human nature.
    No, I'd have no one to tease anymore.

    You should find out what inside you makes you so negative towards Christians, you may find a really dark space in your personality. You would feel so much better not resenting people or getting rid of all the negativity in your life.

    I can't help it, you're all asking for it!

    You people dont believe in God well If you take away God every law in our sytem like rape, stealling, killing, are all invalid. Our laws like  it or not are all based on the 10 commandments, and if there is not God then what makes it wrong to be a bad person. You would have noone to answer to and life would be hell.

    Some christians, who claim to be "real" christians, act so superior and think that any other religion other than theirs is of the devil. Go ahead and get raptured. I don't want your facist heaven anyway.

    BTW, I'm not saying this about ALL christians, just the ones who act like bigots.

    Our problem is we dont listen too the holy spirit when reading the bible and everyone has there own view on what is trying too be said from Christ, And so we get on here and tell everyone there going too hell and bash them with some man made law that came from some scripture saying something completely different than what they read. If we said that Christ loved them and all he wants from them is a relationship and too pour out blessings and peace and understanding of what he is doing i think there view would be a little different......Its not rocket science why Jesus hung and out sinners more than Christians.


    Yeah, but there were a few questions where people were bashing Christians! What I said was, if they were calling all black people thieves and on welfare or all gay people perverted, there would have been all hell breaking loose in here!

    But if you bash Christians everyone just joins in and thinks it o.k.? That's not the way to act as a open minded human being. It's intolerance, plain and simple, I shouldn't take it personally, but I love Jesus, all Christians are not the same, same as any other group of people on this Earth or elsewhere1

    just get rid of teh people that keep writing the questions not the christans which are cool


    While nobody have to disappear, could be nice , that the questions that involve religion yes ! Is an waste of time, to try to convince a believer and viceversa !

    You can condemn Christianity by the bad acts of a few without actually understanding the good it creates in the many. Islam is being looked at the same way. If you find something good and it is actually "good" people will come out to bash it because of it's very nature. Some people will read into it something to justify a reason to kill and create chaos when all it was intended to do is bring people into a better way of life. Mankind is the failure, not the religion. People kill people, people corrupt people, people destroy the good because they cant stand it. Those of you who comment here about how bad Christianity is dont understand it. Dont want to. Dont care if others want to. They just hate it and thats that. Your right not be forced to believe in it is written into the constitution and our right to believe in it is as well. Atheism is a religion just like all the others. It's a belief not to believe. It's forced on us just like all the other religions are forced on us. We create our own turmoil and live in our own well seasoned pool of misguided intentions. The only thing certain is we hate, we intolerate, and our fate is to live in it like turds in a sewer. We must love the swim because it's the season for it.


    You all would miss me if I disappeared!


    Logic dictates if that was so for the past their would have been no wars.


    Yes we would all miss you Jenn!

    Wouldn't matter one way or the other, God's ideas are what they are Love and Peace His essence would remain.  "Christian" is just a word like any other, therefore depends on what one honors or calls Christian.  For there are Christians that are not Christians and some that are not Christians that are indeed Christians by Virtue of what they do Honor: Love and Peace, therefore no matter the Tradition or Creed, this is to be Christian.  And again, this is to be the True Christian, whether they know it or not.

    The American Indians are an excellent example for they Knew the Great Father, and His Happy Hunting grounds.  They were in total harmony with Nature and were thankful for all it gave them.  They understood Love and Peace honoring it in every way.  They were true Christians before the false christians arrived to dispoil them, and their beautiful Harmony in God.     There are many such examples in the world.

    Thus is the aformentioned the common ground whereby all traditions may find Union.  For the Understanding of Love and Peace transcends all barriers; language and worldly systems, etc.  Fundamentalists of any kind, do not understand the Christos (Christ)  or such power coming to men through the Father (God).

    In fact they (fundamentalists) have a great tendecy, in their dogmatic ignorance to become as stumbling blocks to those who truly seek.  Therefore they are not truly Christians, they are swimming in the illusions of fundamentalism.  Thus the word christian could dissappear and it wouldn,t matter as God's plans and ideas of Himself would ever continue and the debates continue as well..  ;-)

    Headless Man

    I'm sure you know all the answers, I know I'm a christian but I don't know what version of the bible you read the word Christos is not in mine. Is that Christ Operating System or what please explain.

    ban the the lot, its all child abuse,al made up,by people who want to rule the world.get realy poeple,live your own life,not someone eles

    WOW, Randy . . . Christ and Christos are one in the same meaning "Love Consciousness'. which is the cause of the Bible; what the Bible is specifally about.   His system is that of of Love for He is the Love Spirit the Son of God the Father . . Find out what the various  words and names in the Bible mean and you will be better able to penetrate His Divine Mysteries, for they are the secrets to His Divine Wll and the redemption of His lost Children, Mankind. . . . As far as knowing everything, please, I know little, but more than most.  I simply share what I have been allowed to understand. . . . Maybe next time  Randy . . may God bless your journies   :-).   


    Actually, "Christos" is a transliteration from the Greek and it does not mean "Love Consciousness", don't know what man made that one up for their own cultic purposes. Christ means "anointed". Jesus is God's anointed One and therefore called Jesus Christ.

    Jesus laid out the fundamentals for His disciples to follow, these are unchanging truths and have been freely given to all who desire to read and learn from His Word as the Holy Spirit teaches. THe fundamentals are not riddles and parables but are clearly spelled out by Jesus and His apostles. All parables that Jesus used He would then plainly revealed the meaning of them to His disciples.

    Fundamentals include such things as Jesus is the only begotten Son of God. The Trinity which is the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Jesus is the anointed one of God, the Christ. Jesus preached the way to the Father. Jesus gave His life a ransom for many, the atonement for sin. Jesus was crucified, buried and raised to life again. And numerous more.

    If one believes in any of these fundamental teachings of the bible then they are a "fundamentalist" just as Jesus was when He declared "it is written". In fact, just saying you believe that Jesus is the only begotten Son of God or the Christ makes you a fundamentalist for that is what the bible "literally" says about Jesus.

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