Painting Ceramic tile

    How do you paint ceramic tile?

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    It has been my experience that you cannot paint ceremic tile. It will not turn out well and then you have a bigger mess than before.

    i wouldnt bother painting them it looks crap ide rip um off and re tile


    Here in Australia we have a product called "Grip Lock" it is a type of paint that sticks paint to anything, glass even. The proverbial s--t to a blanket. I had my kitchen tiles done yonks ago and still 100% and NO mould in grout. So a coat of Grip Lock then 2 coats of finish colour.

    Thanks for the advice................I thought it would be more trouble than its worth.


    only other suggestion I have is cleaning the ceramic tile really good and if it needs to be regrouted do that and knowing that you probably do not like the color maybe choosing things in colors that would compliment or distract from it but yet not clash.

    You don' answer. However, you will need to find a good acrylic paint, really scratch the surface of the tile with an abrasive sand paper and aplly at least two (2) coats of paint. Good Luck1

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