Is he serious about our relationship?

    How can you tell if a guy is serious about our relationship...? How do u know if the guy like really likes you back the way he says he does? Please help me out. This guy and i met online(i know, bad scenario) and we really like each other. He calls me baby and tells me he really likes me but i dont see him putting forth an effort to meet me...

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    Just be careful some guys on the internet tell you what you want to hear,sounds like a player to me.Building you up just to let you down.
    it's time to bring this relationship to light! meaning perhaps you must take the first step, maybe he's just shy, maybe he;s short and bald or maybe he's married or just full of crap . personaly i would take the first step and make a lunch date, nothing fancy, definatly somewher in public with plenty of people around. maybe you might have a friend who might "accidently" bump into you during your "date",this certainly takes alot of tension off you as well as your date. if he refuses your offer time to move on,lifes to short
    He's married lady.

    does he put your needs before his own????? (not sexual)

    Well if he likes you that much he would be wanting to meet you in the flesh...not literally...with clothes My suggestion to you would to be the initiator in meeting.Many times when you spend a lot of time chatting online you unfortunately build up what you think this person is going to be like and in meeting, it is completely the opposite. I have found in many cases people are on the dating sights for the ego boost of attention from strangers and thats all they want. It is a game more than an intention.Get the meeting going so you can move on...knowing if there is actually a spark is something you can only truly find out in person...that way you can move on no matter what way it turns out to be.

    What ever your intuition tells you is the truth. You already know the answer and the course you need to chose. Confirmation is not necessary from anyone . Sad words indeed but I gave 18 years of loyality to someone who left and married someone else with out a word . In less than a month !!!!!! I promised to listen to that little voice with out hesitation from that moment on . Get your dancing shoes on and go someplace that dances and dont serve liquor and have some fun . Look up dance clubs and also try USA Dance on line . Just have some fun and dont sell your self short Good Luck !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I checked out the profile of the user that asked this question and the last time they were on this site was a month ago, so the answers may be kind of pointless, but It's nice to want to help, it just stinks when someone only asks a question and disappears.

    The advice I would give is you can tell what a person thinks about you by their actions, pretty simple I know, but very effective.
    it should not be hard to tell...if he would rather be with you and nobody else,but also respect your need for your own time,if he leaves you love notes,surprises you with flowers or any kind of gift,without having to be a special ocasion,also if he tells evey one that you are "miss perfect"

    dont like the sound of this,"chancer"is a word that springs to mind.As to the endearments?I call my dog "babe" or "love"so wouldnt set a lot of sway on them either.....

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