What are some true signs your mans cheating on you?

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    well I would say staying away from home more, being secretive and sometimes the cheater is mean to you and tries to project his cheating ways on you by accusing you of being the cheater, smoke and mirrors, if it is true the only advice I have for you is to ditch him kick him to the curb and move on with your life.

    Gone from the house more and unable to reach on the phone, goes into another room to talk on the phone, sexually disinterested, picking you apart, talking quite frequently about a woman friend, leaving the house all dressed up, accusing you of cheating,gets mad easy when questioned about his where abouts, almost picks fights to leave the house, increasingly distant from you emotionally...most times we get the gut feeling and know anyways...hope this helped...good luck

    Sorry I am quite jaded when it comes to this subject. From my experience with women ; If it dont feel right and the little voice is raiseing a alarm, I am putting all the cards on the table asking the questions and if I dont belive the answers I am gone right Now !!!!!!!!!!!! No need to ever give another chance to cheaters ever. Cheaters are scum lowest life form there is . Bear in mind my answer is colored by my personel experience and should not influence your decision in any way. If you are thinking it is so then most likely it is SORRY!!!! I am a man and this is my opinion .If it dont feel right walk away . Unless you think nothing of yourself!!!!!!!!!

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