if you had your time again what would your chosen career be?

    my chosen field would be psychiatry,i love to know what makes people tick!.probably why i like this page so much!!!!

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    Good question lol

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    Can't think of one thing. I've done everything I ever wanted to do. Some with success, others with a not so favorable outcome. But even they were a lesson in life. Guess I've been lucky.


    Great answer.

    To be Editor of an encyclopedia so that I have a reservoir of knowledge to answer all kinds of sensible questions.

    Would not change my job as a Farrier. 

     a secret agent man.. they get all the fun gadgets as well as fast cars and fast women.......

    I have had many jobs while growing up and then going back to College know I love my job and I do think we are on a learning curb for rest of our lives and everyday we learn something and on this site you can learn all the human things about all sorts

    LAWYER, I would've said "PRESIDENT" but, they don't elect HONEST people.

    A northern bush pilot as far north you can fly.

    I always wanted to get into real estate,but it wasn't meant to be.


    Philanthropist, what a thrill to be able to help as many people as you desire.

    I would have been an osteopath instead of a dentist. People hate dentists and resent their charges, but love osteopaths.

    I still regret not joining thr Royal Australian Navy, i 'm afraid it's too late now.""

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