Life after Death Vs Reincarnation

    i need your honest opinion, i am preparing a persuasive speech and want to know that:

    Do you believe in
    1. Life After Death , Why or Why Not?
    2. Reincarnation, Why or Why Not?

    please add resources if any :) thank you ;)

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    I believe in life after death because thats what the Bible teaches me, If you accept christ as your savior and ask Him to live in you He will and give you eternal life. Sorry if you don't agree but I believe.
    what if you were reincarnated as an ant someone steps on you then what
    Because I have been stuck so many times and only when i prayed to god sincerely i got out of the problems.
    Why else?
    Because I have seen birth of babies many times and also seen so many deaths. also miracles.
    Why else?
    Because i have seen so many sincere people with marvellous life of poverty who give donations to the poor everyday but the happiest people on earth, why? because they have such strong faith in their god that they say 'i will give away everything i have to those poor people on the streets, feed them like i'm feeding my children every time for every meal, you ask what about tomorrow? your kids have nothing to eat for lunch? they'll say 'tomorrow is tomorrow, only god knows if i'll still be alive by then, and if i am, i'll ask god to help me like he has been doing every day.'

    Why don't i believe in reincarnation:
    1) reincarnation doesn't make enough sense, why? because it states that the soul in reincarnated in another body every time the body dies, because if that is true, if you look at it like a big picture, what happens to ME, yes ME, your saying i have a soul, not this body's truly, i have a soul which has been reincarnated in thousands of bodies before, that would make my whole existence meaningless, absolute stupid meaningless life, suppose i decide after i have known this fact to commit crimes, does that mean this soul will just travel to another body so it can reach purity and perfectionist because it's the only way to go to heaven, if you look at like a big picture again, and calculate the number of souls versus number of bodies on earth, it'd be few living souls among billions of human beings, so who am i the soul, what is my true existence, my originality, tell me now that i know the facts about reincarnation and i believe in it, what do i do, do i aim to be perfect?, so my soul can finally be freed out to enter heaven and stop reincarnating, no, it's impossible to be perfect. i can never be perfect, because as a soul i have been reincarnated in another body, as a soul i have started again, i am now a different individual with different view on life, because now i have different parents, different RELIGION, different culture, suppose i was an indian before originally, i was bad, got reincarnated again and i got reincarnated as a muslim,
    my whole view as opposed to believing that there are hundreds of gods existing to a particular task has been shifted to believing that i only now have one god to believe in, SO WHICH GOD IS CORRECT? which god created my original soul, was it the indian gods or the muslim god, HOW DOES ONE KNOW? HOw does me an individual know the true god so i can finally free this reincarnating ever lasting soul to it's creator? It doesn't make sense, it's a lost theory.
    EVERy individual is born for a reason, every individual has one soul, every individual will be held accountable for what they did in THEIR life, every individual deserves a recognition in front of god
    phewws i think i need to relax :)

    but then again everyone has the right to believe in what they believe, and this is only my belief, so don't criticise me as i will respect what you would believe also :)

    I believe in Life after death for a few reasons.The first is a basic scientific answer. The scietest and doctors who had studied life and death,body mesuments and weights have been unable toexplain this. After the body ies there is a weight that uiis the same for everyone that is unexplainable. Meaning the blood wil weigh 5 lbs the bones 4 lb the skin 1 pound(not correct weights right now but you get the point right?)Ok well even in animals there is a anount of like 3.ozs that there is no explaining.Lots of tests have been rn and always the wwight is 3.ozs.It is said it is the weight of the soul.Believe it or not.
    My personal reason is this.I was in a terrible car accident with my partner.She passed away.She came to me aproximately months after her passing.She told me when she died it was werd because everyone stopped talking to her.We need to tak out loud to the deseaded. Thy need time to adjust to life on the other side.She showed me all her wounds and said or me to alway tell ths story because it is true. I heard the other spirits in te hallway waiting for her.This is the honest truth take it for what it is.

    Shouldn't your persuasive speech be according to your own opinions after researching both options? Are you looking for us to make your argument for you so you can choose the most persuasive and then use it as your own?

    Let me help get you started on your own. Read and decide for yourself then explain why you chose which one. You can even drop off your homework here and we'll let you know if it's grade worthy or not.

    Life After Death

    Near death experience


    I've not read this but this one says, Scientific proof of reincarnation

    Good luck and study hard!! : )



    Ahhh, you were taking a poll. Had you said poll, I would have said, reincarnation : )


    LOL! no i was voting :D to see who believes more and who doesn't to have an idea if my speech will be a success or not ;) thanks for the feedback, i have prepared my speech. wanted to know if i missed anything , i can credit someone as we arent allowed to steal ideas (plagiarism) :)

    Reincarnation could make some sense if the person could carry forward the past life knowledge so they could better themselves if that is what the goal of reincarnation is. BUt the way is stands and is taught is very hopeless.

    thanks Michelle that was interesting theory and great scientific explanation. i will research more on this and definitely add something about it, i will credit you for sure :)

    sorry about your friend :( but how did she contact you in the spiritual form :O please elaborate

    my sister had undergone some visions too but doctors call this hallucination, they never believe a human could meet a spirit and that there is always a chemical imbalance of the brain that causes this.

    and in persuasive speech we need to ask audience questions and can poll to find out how our speech would be , may be i miss any thing about the topic i am trying to get in depth of it :)

    Who knows, I assume everyone would like to believe that there is something after death- If not, why are we here? Is this hell.....born, raised, brainwashed, turn 18 go to school or get a job- either way the end result is get a job, pay taxes on everything except air, work to provide food, shelter, clothes, entertainment, pay taxes, build a family during this time, grow old while continuing to work, and pay taxes, then you die...

    Fun world.

    Here's a quote from an interesting article I've read:

    "I completely agree with Michael Roll's arguments about the reality of paranormal phenomena and the existence of a normally unseen world... Quantum Physics: the presence of a wave nature in subatomic particles. The vital difference between a wave and a solid particle is the wave properties of superposition and modulation. Put simply, these properties allow waves of different frequencies to occupy the same space without direct interaction. Therefore it is quite possible for parallel universes to exist separated by a difference in some fundamental wave characteristic. This theory springs directly from wave mechanics which unfortunately was not available to the Victorian researchers when the greatest breakthroughs with mediumship were made."

    Michael Scott BSc. Graduate in Astrophysics, Edinburgh University

    The website claims to have scientific proof of life after death, check it out and tell us what you think?

    Personally I believe in life after death and that Jesus is the way, good luck with your search...

    I believe in life after death.Leeroy, I read the book ON LIFE AFTER DEATH by Eliabeth Kuebler-Ross. Very Powerful.
    I believe that the astronomical, almost infinite chances of encounter and oppertunity -that chose my spermatosa/ovem union, and thus led to this o-so-brief period of awareness that we call a life- to be so mathamatically, mind bogglingly, vast, that if we are not celebrating life daily, we are missing the point!
    As for another bight of the cooky? If one can't remember or act upon another awareness. The question is academic, and dos'nt matter?


    My name is Papa Frank.  I am a Protestant Minister, so of course you're going to get an answer favoring LIFE AFTER DEATH.

    FIRST, let me offer the BIBLICAL FACT OF RESURRECTION, or LIFE AFTER DEATH.  Jesus was the first, raised from the grave after the three days as spoken of in the Bible.  Those three miraculous days were prophesied about Jesus from the Old Testament even to the days of the New Testament . . .  to the days of Jesus's death. (No. I'm not going to preach to you.  I will try, to reason with you.)  The Holy Scriptures, in Jesus's case go as far as "predicting" His manner of death, the reason He'll die, the time frame He'll die and WHO will in fact kill Him.

    LATER, the Bible speaks to the fact Jesus's followers will also BODILY BE RAISED FROM THE DEAD!  No where does it say we'll be raised as an ethereal being (a ghostly, spirit being) and this ENTIRE EVENT WOULD AND WILL BE COMPLETELY ESOTERIC (not understandable by simpletons like you, me, and the evereryday human dum-dum walking the stinking streets of Medieval Europe & England and Modern America and the World . . . unless of course you wore glamorous, elaborate, colorful robes and fancy dan shirts with cute little white collars tucked quaintly inside.)  Well dear young person, God placed in His Bible a passage clearly stating WE are responsible for our understanding.  Number one, the Bible says in 2 Timothy Ch. 2, v. 15 (New Century Version) : "Make every effort to give yourself to God as the kind of person he will approve."  In the King James Version the same verse says, "Study to shew (show) thyself approved...."  GOD also said in,"Philippians, Ch. 2, v. 12:(New King James Version) "Therefore, my beloved, as you have always obeyed, ... now in my absence, ... work out your own salvation with fear and trembling;"    And at last here, I want to challenge you as the Apostle Peter challenged the Jews of his day.  This being after Jesus died, was entombed, rose, walked the earth a RESURRECTED MAN, KNOWN(!!) BY OTHER MEN AND WOMEN AND EATING AND DRINKING, JUST AS WHEN HE WAS ALIVE BEFORE(!!) HIS CRUCIFICTION, THEN AT LAST, TAKEN TO HEAVEN TO BE WITH HIS FATHER, JEHOVAH GOD, ON THE CLOUDS LEAVING FINAL WORDS OF BLESSING AND REMINDING THAT THE HOLY SPIRIT WOULD COME IN HIS PLACE!  This self same Jesus ROSE! In HIS BODY, not a ghost, or a horse, beatle, fly, fox, cow, or monkey, etc.  He ate, drank, slept, talked and taught with His loved ones and His disciples.  He even had Thomas, The One Who Doubted, place his hands in the scarred wounds in His hands feet and side.  Here's how it went, according to John's Gospel, Ch. 20, New King James Version: "... Jesus came, the doors being shut, and stood in the midst,[of the disciples] and said, 'Peace to you!' 27 Then He said to Thomas, 'Reach your finger here, and look at My hands; and reach your hand here, and put it into My side. Do not be unbelieving, but believing.' ” 28 And Thomas answered and said to Him, “My Lord and my God!”   29  Jesus said to him, 'Thomas, because you have seen Me, you have believed. Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.' ”

    And at LONG LAST.  For those who teach the principle of REINCARNATION, do not even teach it as a faith principle of their religion.  It's taught as a DEMANDED AND ACCEPTED BELIEF OF THEIR RELIGIOUS SYSTEM.  AND.  Although these relgions DO NOT teach a punishment, judgment, restitutin priciple or any form of justice for sins committed, THEY DO TEACH THAT YOU!!! COME BACK AS A LOWER/DIFFERENT LIFE FORM AS "KARMAIC" PUNISHMENT, NOT THE PUNISHMENT OF THEIR GOD, BUT OF KARMA, WHO IS A GOD PRINCIPLE OF THEIR FAITH.  

    KARMA, MAKES YOU COME BACK AS A LOWER LIFE FORM; bug, ant, rat, snake, monkey, mule, cow, dog, and so on, where as commonly misunderstood, MOST OF THE ANIMAL GODS ARE NOT WORSHIPPED.  THEY ARE MERELY FED, APPEASED, VENERATED AND SO ON AS THEY COULD BE .....  COULD BE !!!  ..... A GOD.  OR!!  THE ANIMAL COULD BE. UNCLE BILL, AUNT MARY, COUSIN SINBAH-HAN, OR MOMMY OR DADDY.  The practitioner worships appropriately, so their ticket to Shambahla, Paradiase, or where ever, gets "punched."  And they come back as the "right animal" in each resurrection.  Yes.  I said EACH RESURRECTION.  You get to resurrect and re-resurrect, over, and over again.  Until you get it right and get to go AT LEAST TO NERVANA!!  And NO, that's NOT where Kurt Koban went. (Is that really how the poor kid spelled his name?)   

    And you see Dear Young Person, the "principle" of resurrection is a Faith principle backed by multiple witnesses, begun thousands of years ago by a GOD for His chosen people, NOT only the Jewish people, but ALL those who've chosen to believe in His Son and the redeeming work Jesus did.  And that believer is restored to THEIR LIFE in THEIR OWN BODY completely MADE WHOLE, DISEASE FREE, FAT FREE, EYES PERFECTED, NO CARDIAC ISSUES, NO DIABETES, ARTHRITIS, NOTHING

    Reincarnation, is merely the "slapping on" of body tissue, flesh; meat; to a body.  Any body.

    Re-animation is again a mandated "belief" exactly like a cult or what's referred to even by popular (a.k.a. mainstream) media as false religions, ie. the Moonies.  Re-animation and reincarnation of dead tissue are the same thing.  Resurrection is BRINGING AN INDIVIDUAL BACK FROM THE DEAD, IN THEIR PHYSICAL BODY, WITH ALL THEIR OWN "ORIGINAL PARTS," NOTHING "AFTER MARKET" (chuckle) like on a car rebuild or a people rebuild (LOL ?)  AND NO ... MODIFICATIONS.  The RESURRECTED BODY is merely returned in, allow me, LIKE NEW, condition.  

    For example, I and a friend of mine, Mike, are both Vietnam Veterans.  I was a medic.  Mike an Infantryman.  Mike was part of a patrol on his way back to firebase from a very long time in the bush on a "movement to contact" (let's go pick a fight), followed by an ambush patrol for the following three nights.  After 7 or 8 days, his platoon was finally headed back in for some rest, shower, resupply, hot food, and re-fit for their next mission.  His Platoon Leader and Sergeant were confident they were close enough in, they set up minimal security, and let the men take some lunch, cop a snooze, cool off in the stream right next to them then switch with the security.  Once everyone was fed, cooed and rested a bit, they loaded up and started on in to firebase.  Mike took back point rather than be relieved and about 10 steps down the "trail,"  Mike stepped into a tripwire.  It triggered a transverse mounted charge that ripped into Mike and 4 other men.  One was killed outright.  Three wounded, including Mike.  One wounded would not make the dust-off helicopter; he died.  A third died in hospital, in the ER.  I was priveleged to go to church with Mike.  

    Mike had Word from God, bth prophetic (spoken by a human servant of the LORD over him, AFTER, Mike was given several Bible passages from his quiet/prayer time about his life.  HIS PASSAGES "spoke" directly to him about the RESURRECTED BODY Mike would have once he got to heaven.  It was or is a pretty tall order too.  You see, Mike lost 20 some feet of bowel, including most of his colon.  He lost 3 of 5 fingers on his right hand and four of five on his left.  Rebuilt by scrap . . . yes, I said SCRAP  . . . BONE from his BLOWN OFF LEGS AND SHATTERED LEFT HIP.  His lower spinal column and cord are gone.  He sits on a NYLON and PLASTIC reconstruction, poops and pees in a bag, his last FOUR children were born through invetro-fertilization.  Since Vietnam he and his wife have NOT made love.  He has NOTHING TO FULFILL HIS PART WITH!  Mike laughs about it, as you see the pain in his eyes and his heart, that he, "Left his most important part somewhere in Vietnam.  Probably fertilizing some Dink's rice paddy instead of [his] wife."  Mike ends the story about his "manhood" with, "I never have had, nor will I ever have a more dramatic blow job in my life."   

    Mike gets very serious when he testifys to GOD'S blessing over him with a BRAND NEW BODY.  WHOLE. WITH TWO WORKING, COMPLETE LEGS, TWO WHOLE AND STRONG ARMS AND HANDS, AND THEN MIKE SAYS, "And my God, my Jehovah Jireh (God my Healer) promised me to new eyes to replace the ones burned by the flash of the explosion, so I can see my beautiful wife once again.  You see Brothers and Sisters, MY GOD, and He can be yours too, promised this child, A WHOLE NEW RESURRECTION BODY,  BEFORE(!!!)  JESUS COMES BACK!  SO WHEN HE DOES COME BACK, I'LL BE HOLDING MY WIFE'S HAND AND WALKING BY HER SIDE TO MEET HIM.  NOT!  NOT, IN THIS BLASTED WHEELCHAIR ANYMORE."

    I don't have THAT promise, but that SAME GOD, PROMISES ME, MY WOUNDED, ARTHRITIC BEATEN BODY, will also be restored.  At the time He says.  Because God promised His children new, spiritual, recognizable bodies.  Capable of lasting through eternity.  AND, that I would be united with my family in His Kingdom, all who've accepted Him, in RESURRECTED BODIES THAT ARE THEM.  NOT SOMETHING UNKNOWN TO ME.  The Apostle to the Gentiles, Paul, (a.k.a. Saul of Tarsus)  spoke that as part of his teachings when he said in one of his two letters to the Corinthian churches, "You will be changed, in the twinkling of an eye, you will be changed,"  and he went on with that teaching, ... you WILL know as you do know ... (paraphrased).  Here. Look for yourself, from the New King James Version,1 Corinthians Ch.13: v.12: "For now we see in a mirror, dimly (right now we see things, including your question, as if we're looking in a mirror with no answer, because the mirror is old, dirty and dulled), but then face to face (but then : the future, heaven; looking AT one another). Now I know in part (right now we have thousands of questions no one seems to be able to answer), but then (in heaven, or in OUR future, HELL?) I shall know just as I also am known.(I WILL KNOW everyone I've ever known, and THEY WILL know me . . . even after death . . . PROOF, of life after death.)

    Hinduism and the other isms who promise reincarnation, make no such promise.  No.  They make NO SUCH GUARANTEE!  They only promise you get . . .  another shot at life, AFTER YOU'VE PAID ENOUGH PENENCE AS SOME OTHER LIFE FORM.  

    As I said before, I'm no fancey titled bishop, prophet, apostle, pope, elder, Most High anything, not a priest, nor a church leading pastor right now.  I lead a veteran-to-veteran outreach, in a little midwestern town trying to pretend it's New York City.  (chuckle, again)   I minister to veterans having problems with war memories and it tells deeply on them, their families, friends, and communities.  I just work when the LORD calls me to, where He calls me to.  I hope I'm not too late for your school project, and I pray God's blessing on it for you.  No confusion, no confoundedness, with all the answers I KNOW you've received.

    I finally, pray I've been of some help, somehow.

    May God bless you.  And speak to you however He can in this,

    Papa Frank

    Cedar Valley Point Man and Home Front Veteran's Outreach

    Cedar Rapids, IA

    H - (319) 366-1059 


    You need to study reincarnation some more. You've left out a great chunk of what reincarnation is all about. You can not find the truth of something through only one source. You must look in every direction, open your mind to all possibilities. God's "word" if you will, is spread everywhere and in everything. It is not in only one spot. Before you can instruct about other beliefs, you must first know them through and through. Reincarnation is not a forever thing. For each Soul, it ends when the time is right for it to end. Then Soul can reside in the heaven worlds for eternity if it so chooses. Souls do not do penance. They have life experiences through which they learn and grow and understand. Experiences are good and positive. Penance is dark and negative. You are mixing beliefs. Best wishes in your journey towards enlightenment.

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