How come it is illegal for a British parent to smack a kiddie, but OK for the police to shoot rubber bullets at them?

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    They were plastic bullets and they never got to use them my saying goes if you are old enough to do the crime you are old enough to do the TIME

    They should have used "water tanks as well.Time thats a laugh slap on the wrist min, i would give one year

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    When it gets to the point where the authorities consider rubber bullets then they are no longer kiddies, they are delinquents who are endangering the life and limb, not to mention porperty, of other people. Sooner or later, you cross a societal barrier where your actions elicit a stronger reaction.


    A 12 y/o was arrested, amongst many other young people. My point is that HAD those children been properly disciplined, perhaps this sort of destructive behaviour would not have occurred. But now we have the ludicrous situation where a dad (or mum) that tries to simply smack a bottom can be jailed for 'child abuse' but the police can maim the same kiddies with Government approval and encouragement..

    You are absolutely right, it's a strange situation.
    But, how many were kids and how many adults. In those sorts of situations you wish you could knock some sense into someones head.

    Maybe the police should have been allowed to use rubber bullets during the massive riots going on in England and there would have been less deaths to innocents and less destruction of people's livelihood, homes and vehicles. Those nutters should have been gunned down. They would have stopped then.


    You would have them 'gunned down' Colleen? Good Lord - and you say elsewhere that you know 'my kind' !! What the Dickens is your kind, then??

    What if one such gunned down person was a Lesbian?

    I do not at all like the idea of 'gunning ' anyone down simply for being horrid and revolting in the street. I would not like someone who calls for people to be 'gunned down' in the street to be let near the Gay Mardi Gras in Sydney.

    Good then they can go and beat the shit out of you and leave you to die or run you down with their cars because you were trying to protect your street. I still say gun them down if they are breaking the law and invading and attacking defenseless law abiding citizens. These people acted like terrorists. A rioting pack of animals The Brits should have called in the military. Shoot a few of them and watch the rats scatter.

    I have friends living there and they said the same thing, if the police had just shot some of the animals, it would have ended sooner. They were scared and being attacked. English law keeps them from defending themselves. English low life looking to cause trouble know this and took advantage. This was not even a demonstration. Just animals out of control.

    In topics discussing sexuality, my kind are the homosexuals. Other than that, I am a human being. Angry out of control mobs killing innocent civilians, are not "my kind". Should I give you a thumbs down for being a useless bleeding heart dolt crying for the guilty and not the innocent?

    I suggest you undo the thumbs down you gave me for voicing my opinion which is allowed on this democratic forum as the admin call it. If you continue to thumbs down people just because you do not agree with their opinion, you will be suspended like many others here have found themselves because they misuse the TD button.

    very very good answer Colleen lol

    colleen,you are right and i still maintain the army should have contained the situation


    Thank you Leo. Some bleeding hearts have difficulty recognizing the difference between humans and vicious out of control pack animals. You see rabid dogs attacking, you shoot them. Ends the attack right quick.
    Thank you for the TU. Makes up for the bleeding hearts TD of my opinion.

    The Army is there to defend the country, not to 'control' the people. Britain is not quite yet a totalitarian state where armed thugs in uniform attack the populous.

    The British forces have a 'Military Aid to the Civil Community' (MACC) obligation which enables them to be called upon to aid the populous, but that is not a carte blanche to turn their weapons upon the people they are sworn to defend.


    When those people are armed and shooting others or victimizing them, beating them and leaving them to possibly burn to death, running people down with cars just because the people tried to defend their street then they need to be shot and taken out so that others do not fall victim to them.

    I would like to say that over here when it all kicked of it was scarey and if any one is Old Enough To Do The Crime You Are Old Enough To To The Time

    Yes they are worse ,animals don't act like that. Not sure about shooting them,but rubber bullets or water cannons would have done some good.Most of them NOT ALL  don't have decent parents, so they have never been made or shown how to behave like a human being.


    "Not sure about shooting them"
    Why not? The rioters had guns. Did you know some of them walked into a house and shot and killed a mother and her daughter just for sport?

    Coleen, I agree with you , apart from comment, You stated, (Just animals out of control.) What an insult to animals, When have you ever seen animals acting like that. !


    yes Dollybird why insult animals with the rith rath that the UK has produced

    Human beings ARE animals. Except for the (quite a) few that are vegetables.

    Apparently very few Muslim kids were involved in the riots. Most rioters would probably claim some sort of adherence to Christianity.. No need  for further comment.

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