Do Blondes Have More Fun?

    Hey, I'm a guy with dark hair. So I don't know, but I have heard this a thousand times. Well???

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    Let's hear it girls, Do blondes have more fun?

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    I am a brunette with blonde streaks and the only reason I have more fun is because I look for it. I would look for it if I were just a brunette as well! Fun is something you choose to have or be in is an attitude and a gift when you find it!

    Blondes must have more fun, hav'nt heard of one changing her hair colour to brunette

    There is something beautiful about blonds.  I heard there is a shade of blond for everyone.  People should experiment and have fun in this  life.  Be a blond for a while & see do you, you, you have more fun.  Fun is what you feel and what you make it.  Blonds make great examples of fun people.  Light color evokes lighter moods.  Lighter moods can be less distressing at times.  Every human has their beauty point.  Blonds are beautiful and so are you!

    I was blonde when I was younger... red head now... No blondeis are no more for nor do they have more fun... The just have more jokes about them.

    People just think blondes have more fun but they just get noticed more as their hair coloration suggests "sunshine" so to speak or perhaps "easiness" should also be put in there also! Men seem to think of blondes as looser individuals for some reason unless it's the so-called icy blonde. Don't get me wrong...was a blonde all my life, now blonde with lots of grey! lol


    Coming from experience, Thanks for the insight.

    This blonde hair question does not apply to men, only woman. I would have to say a pretty girl with bark brown hair would receive less attention than if she was a blonde. I like both but prefer a dark haired female with just killer green eyes and an awesome body to go with here intelligence and confidence, though.

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