Well it seems as tho the democraps are calling the Tea Partiers terrorists! So who is the real terrorists in Washington the Tea Partiers that held out to keep us from going further into debt or the democraps that used scare tactics and terrorized our military,seniors, and medicare recipients with threats of not sending out their checks unless they got their way?????

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    How can you not hate a Democrat?

    The real problem here isn't democrats any more than it's all the tea party.  The problem is that both sides are so ideologically entrenched as to be absolutely rediculous. I don't think that the tea party is made up of terrorist, any more than the democrats are completely wrong on everything they try to do. Successful politics is the art of compromise and contrary to comments made by ignorant people, it is not a weakness, but go old common sense.  Would social security have been paid, I don't know, but I think they would have found a way.  However, August was already an extended deadline and there were going to be some serioous money problems very quickly.  The democrats need to accept that there will be large cuts in government and the tea party needs to understand their adament deniel of any compromise wouldn't result in a tearing down of the country, so we could start over, but would be an economic nightmare the likes from which this country might never recover. These are complex problems and need to be handled in increments not by some bull in a china shop mentality.  Now, that having been said, the most galling thing about this is how some idiots make insulting and pejorative statements about large groups of people instead of offering constructive arguments.  It's a display of stupidity and lack of willingness to work with others, like good little children.



    Well said . After that moron Bush how can they even show there faces .And they think we would be better off with more of those ideas . I cant for a minute understand that.Maybe the thing to do is let it hit the wall and start new . There must never be any more Texas Presidents or republicans either for that matter.
    ed shank

    I agree with much of what your saying, However, compromise at this point is not an option, we are broke. If we follow the democrats plan nothing will bring down the debt.
    Bluesman, I'm not a Bush fan, but what this guy has done or not done is unbelievable.

    Well Ed, I agree, we are broken. But, I do think that compromise is the answer. It seems to me that most sensible people would realize that the solution to the debt will have to be cuts in spending, say 80%, but there will still have to be some type of revenue increase. I think that taxiing the wealthy is absurd, but I do think that there are other choices. Such as, ending subsidies for ethanol and oil companies. Also, why couldn't there be a national sales tax. A small one, possibly. But then, these solutions are for the experts, at least, people that are more informed than me. Where we really disagree is that I do think that compromise is the solution. We can already see that nothing is possible in the current situation where no one is giving an inch. There is nothing wrong with supporting an idiology whether it's liberal, conservative, or libertarian. It helps people define who they are as individuals. But, to refuse to acccept that your side cannot be right all time and reject any discussion is puerile.

    There is absolutely something wrong with liberal ideals. They want increased and higher taxes. To spend on social programs, and bigger government. The economy cannot sustain this. Its as simple as that. More money spent on the social programs means more votes for them.  So obama keeps feeding the programs to keep getting more voters , to depend on him and his programs. And hey Turbo, that is my created word "democrap". I will allow you to use it .

    WHATTTTT?!?!?     What rock did you crawl out from under????


    Probably, the one slightly above yours, jerk off.

    My, my.......such big anger from such a small mind.

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