what is your favorite poem about love?

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    I really love the russian poetry. For example, this one by Marina Tsvetaeva:

    I like the fact that you’re not mad about me,
    I like the fact that I’m not mad for you,
    And that the globe of planet earth is grounded
    And will not drift away beneath our shoes.
    I like the fact that I can laugh here loudly,
    Not play with words, feel unashamed and loose
    And never flush with stifling waves above me
    When we brush sleeves, and not need an excuse.

    I like the fact that you don’t feel ashamed
    As you, before my eyes, embrace another,
    I like the fact that I will not be damned
    To hell for kissing someone else with ardor,
    That you would never use my tender name
    In vain, that in the silence of the church’s towers,
    We’ll never get to hear the sweet refrain
    Of hallelujahs sung somewhere above us.

    With both, my heart and hand, I thank you proudly
    For everything, - although you hardly knew
    You loved me so: and for my sleeping soundly,
    And for the lack of twilight rendezvous,
    No moonlit walks with both your arms around me,
    No sun above our heads or skies of blue,
    For never feeling - sadly! - mad about me,
    For me not feeling - sadly! - mad for you.

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