why does girls likes guys that is popular but an asshole

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    You're just going through a "bad boy" stage. As you get older, you'll get over it. 

    i'm a total asshole dont see to many girls looking my way!

    So why are you here?  The guys here are popular and nice.

    Because some girls need to fit in. some girls need to be wanted. some girls need validation. some girls are just needy.... And the nice guy (they assume) will always be there to fall back on.

    Those girls turn out to be tattoed hookers later in life. The guys will hvae mug shots soon enough .All of these folks are destined for a episode of whos your babys daddy on jerry springer . If you wish to speak like you spent 5 years in the 3rd grade ,then this crowd will welcome you . If on the other hand you plan on valet parking your Mercedes at the country club this is not who should be on your speed dial.Choose a direction and life style you can stand and get busy . Rember evry time a cop is busy with a loser thats one less speeding ticket for you .  

    cause he is an asshole....the popular guys are usually assholes cause they are popular. Don't worry, as you all get older, the popular boys will end up losing out and you will get all the bootie! (well, that may not be appropriate answer but truth is the truth)

    These are the guys that will more than likely break your heart,you will have a better future if you get with a nerd.

    Maybe they want to be in familiar company.

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